On May 20, the business department of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Putuo Sub-branch at No. 599, Xincun Road, Putuo District, Shanghai officially resumed business, becoming the first bank branch to resume business in central Shanghai.

In this round of the epidemic, Putuo District of Shanghai is the first central urban area to achieve a basic zero social aspect.

Under the guidance of the general principle of "must be necessary, minimum travel, safe and feasible, and want to help", in order to meet the necessary financial service needs of enterprises and citizens, the district committee, district government guidance and district health and health committee, district financial office, With the strong support of Wanli Street, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Putuo Sub-branch immediately set up a leading group for resumption of work and production, formulated a detailed plan, submitted it to the head office for approval overnight, and gathered resources from all parties, and successfully applied for 001 in just one and a half days. It has opened up channels for blocked links such as personnel, materials, and cash delivery, and has become the first banking financial institution in the central city to operate externally.

The picture shows that in the business department of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Putuo Sub-branch, the staff are preparing to welcome the arrival of citizens.

Photo by Yin Liqin

Release time: 2022-05-20 11:28:24 【Editor: Cao Miaoxin】