The joint creation of multiple screenwriters makes the audience write "halo"

  The recently aired period drama "Good Times and Good Scenery Knows Geometry" tells the story of Xiao Beichen, the son of Jiangmen with rebellious temperament, and Lin Hangjing, the down-and-out daughter, who have gone through several misunderstandings and twists and turns. .

The play was co-created by a number of screenwriters, but judging from the content presented in the play, the female protagonist will be disconnected when she encounters difficulties, and the male protagonist keeps creating "crazy literature", and the plot is criticized by the audience as "quite outrageous".

  The emotional line at the beginning of the play is quite normal, but after the male and female protagonists get married by accident, the emotional line is comparable to "the temptation to go home", with rounds of love, misunderstanding, and being provoked by rivals, etc. The dog blood bridges are staged one after another.

In the following plot, the heroine will change her identity and return to "revenge", which is like the screenwriter forcibly creating contradictions. The original tone of the period drama and the main line of "male and female protagonists growing up in war and chaos" are completely "broken".

  "Good Days, Good Times and Geometry" was jointly created by a number of screenwriters, with 5 signed screenwriters, but each screenwriter wrote a different line, some specifically wrote about the male protagonist's growth line, and some specifically wrote about the line of brotherhood and sadomasochism Wait, the intention is to let each audience find their own point of interest in the play.

Judging from the content of the episode, the effect of the co-creation of multiple screenwriters is not ideal, and the audience complained that it was "too bloody".

  Using several screenwriters to expand a story, multiple screenwriters each write a part of their own good, and then the chief screenwriter or script director will coordinate it. It is not new in the creation of film and television dramas, and even this combination has already become inherent in some film and television companies. creative mode.

For example, the drama "Yan Yu Fu" combines the growth line of the male and female protagonists and the sadomasochistic line, but the plot in the later stage of the play is very messy, with incoherent logic, characters with different behaviors before and after, and the plot rotates and jumps... A full sense of separation Make netizens suspect that "it seems that it was not written by one person".

Sure enough, the end credits are written with the names of the six screenwriters.

This kind of situation that the more screenwriters the more dramas become, the more fragmented it has been many times.

For example, "Chess Soul" has 4 screenwriters, "Mirror Two Cities" has 6 screenwriters, and "You Fei" has 12 screenwriters. These dramas have been shouted and asked by netizens for the division of labor, "Everyone wrote their own, Don't you want to discuss it?"

  Chief screenwriter, co-screenwriter, original screenwriter, adapted screenwriter, script editor and reviewer, script planning... There are a variety of screenwriters in China, and there are also a lot of screenwriters for many foreign dramas, especially the creation of dozens of episodes and multi-season dramas. , the co-participating screenwriters sometimes reached dozens of people.

For example, "Doctor House" has a volume of nearly 180 episodes in eight seasons, and is written by as many as 15 screenwriters.

These episodes are also often seen by the audience as "character fractures" and "digging holes and not filling them", and the reputation of the episodes is also erratic.

  Of course, the relationship between the number of screenwriters and the quality of the episodes cannot be one-sidedly generalized by "the more screenwriters the more bad the dramas", because in the way of the chief screenwriter + co-screenwriter, a lot of excellent works have been created.

In 2019, when the film and television adaptation of "The Son-in-law" began, the producer quickly formed a screenwriting team with Qin Wen as the core, and the eight screenwriters jointly made a good market-based adaptation of this IP.

The drama "Longling Grotto", co-adapted by 9 screenwriters including Yang Zhe, has also won praise from fans and audiences of the original book because of its proper choice of the original play parts sung by the world.

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