The Metropolitan Police Department will conduct vehicle inspections around the US Embassy in Minato-ku, Tokyo, before the "Quad" summit, which is a framework of four countries including Japan and the United States plus Australia and India, will be held next week. , We are on the alert for suspicious vehicles.

This month, President Biden of the United States will visit Japan from the 22nd to hold a Japan-US summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida, and on the 24th, the framework of the four countries including Australia and India in addition to Japan and the United States, Quad A summit will also be held.

Under these circumstances, the Metropolitan Police Department is strengthening its vigilance in various parts of Tokyo, and on the 19th, it conducted vehicle inspections around the venue and the embassy.

Of these, near the U.S. Embassy in Minato-ku, Tokyo, police officers stopped passing cars one by one and asked the driver to show a driver's license or asked where to go, such as suspicious vehicles. I was checking if there was any.

The Metropolitan Police Department has decided to further strengthen its vigilance by increasing the number of inspection locations on the 24th of this month, when the quad summit will be held.

Hiroshi Okusawa, the captain of the Metropolitan Police Department's 4th Mobile Task Force, said, "I would like to be fully guarded so that the summit can be held safely."