Only recently released from custody on charges of embezzlement and fraud on an especially large scale, Kirill Serebrennikov presented the film at the Cannes Film Festival.

"Tchaikovsky's Wife" was greeted ambiguously.

The first reviews say that this is a drawn-out, dramatic, gloomy, relentless, cold and daring kitsch.

In which the composer is a hard-hitting homosexual, and his wife is a suffering psychic.

I just can’t understand one thing: why then did the team applaud so angrily, if the tape is so mediocre, in which there are not even musical compositions by Tchaikovsky himself?

Because “Russian” means “defective”?

Like in a circus of freaks: "Look, these people can also be in the movies."

Or because Serebrennikov and company managed to shoot something despite who they are and where they come from?

As if nationality and origin really affect creative and cognitive abilities.

Or because Europeans are so surprised that Russians can also catch the global trend and make a picture on hype about everything that hurts the West so much?

It’s a pity that there is no pain of African Americans and transgender people in the picture, then the audience would not just applaud, but knelt down.

And all these honors again against the backdrop of the cancellation of the Russian delegation and the non-accreditation of handshake Russian journalists.

There are two fashions in the world now - to pity Ukrainians and Russian liberal culture, thinking that they are counterculture.

Allegedly, there are some different Russians, and some can and should be canceled, while others like this, applaud with honors.

Even if they made a real game.

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