In a trial in which 13 women who took the examination asked for compensation from the university side, saying that they were judged by criteria that would put women at a disadvantage in the entrance examination of Juntendo University's medical school, the Tokyo District Court said, "Uniform only by gender. The criteria for treating them disadvantageously are unreasonable and discriminatory. "

From 2011 to 2018, 13 women who failed the examination at Juntendo University School of Medicine said, "In order to limit the passing of women, pass / fail is based on an unreasonably high standard compared to male examinees. It was judged. It is against the purpose of the constitution that prohibits discrimination by gender. "

In a ruling on the 19th, Judge Makiko Kamoto of the Tokyo District Court said, "Universities are obliged to respect the purpose of the Constitution regarding the selection of enrollees, but female examinees are not uniformly discriminated against by gender alone. Judgment criteria for profits are unreasonable and discriminatory because they influence the pass / fail judgment on matters that are not directly related to the evaluation of qualifications and academic ability as a doctor. "

He added, "The university is recruiting secretly the existence of these standards, violating the freedom of decision-making for examinees to take other universities. Women who have been treated unreasonably discriminatory are spiritual. I can imagine that I was in pain, "he said. Depending on the number of times he took the exam, he granted a consolation fee of 300,000 to 900,000 yen per person, and ordered the university to compensate a total of more than 8 million yen.