Actor Kim Bo-ra indirectly refuted the allegation that he was riding in the car of actor Kim Sae-ron, who was charged with drunk driving.

On her 18th, Kim Bo-ra posted on her own SNS an image of her absurd face and the caption, "Is it me?"

Previously, Sae-ron Kim was driving near Hak-dong Intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul around 8 am on the same day, and crashed into structures such as guard rails, street trees, and transformers.

The alcohol detector of the police who was dispatched after receiving her report came back positive, but she revealed that Kim Sae-ron wanted to have a blood test, so she went to the hospital and performed a blood test.

After the results of her blood collection are available, the police will establish the exact charges against her.

Afterwards, it was reported that there was a passenger in Kim Sae-ron's car, and some netizens raised suspicions that her best friend Kim Bo-ra, who posted a photo taken with Kim Sae-ron on social media the day before the accident, was the passenger.

Enlarging an image

At this, it seems that Kim Bo-ra indirectly explained the passenger's suspicion by saying, "Is it me?" through SNS.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)