It's not windy

The land as a legacy

Audio 48:30

Nathalie Banes and Julien Merle;

Julien Frappa, organic winegrowers in Beaujolais.

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40% of the planet's soils are polluted or degraded.

According to a report published on the occasion of the 15th conference of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, which is ending in Abidjan, the main cause of this degradation on all continents is intensive agriculture.

However, there are alternatives

”, as our guests in France and West Africa explain to us.




Julien Frappa,

winegrower in the north of Beaujolais to listen to his podcast

Les mains dans le raisin,

it's here


Nathalie Banes and Julien Merle,

winegrowers in Légny in the south of Beaujolais 


Ibrahima Coulibaly,

Director of the National Coordination of Peasant Organizations of Mali (CNOP) and of

ROPPA, the Network of Peasant and Producer Organizations in West Africa



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