The just-launched "My Little Tail" is the first male full-time parenting observation reality show, featuring amateur fathers and sons, fathers and daughters; "My Little Tail", which has been broadcast for two consecutive seasons, continues the theme of amateur brothers and sisters and has gained a good reputation.

It seems that the amateur guests are revitalizing the chess game of the parent-child variety show.

  Although they are both variety shows, recent parent-child shows are weakening the entertainment and tending to be documentary.

Focusing on amateurs, not engaging in entertainment, and thinking more, this is the correct solution for parent-child variety shows today.

  Reporter Liu Yuhan intern Tang Yuran

 Full-time dad observation record

  As the first male full-time parenting observation reality show, "Dad's Home" focuses on the "full-time father" parenting phenomenon, adopts the perspective of "the father returns to the center of the family", and records the daily life of family parenting led by the father, showing the division of labor between men and women in the family, More possibilities in home education.

The program invited four groups of amateur dads, Ge Peihao, Ben, Zhang Xiaocheng, and Xiao Jie, to start a 100-day "Dad Master" life experience, and Wei Chen, Li Ai, Wang Zulan, Li Yanan, and parenting expert Zhang Yalian sat in the studio to observe .

  Among the four amateur fathers, only Ge Peihao has served as a full-time father for four years, and the rest are novices.

Ge Peihao, who appeared first, created the "ceiling" of a full-time father as soon as he came up.

When the whole family was still sleeping, he would first get up to prepare an exquisite breakfast, followed by "wake up and fight": carry the sleeping eldest daughter to the dining table, braid her hair, wake up with music, tickle and wake up, drink water, drink Milk, breakfast, brushing her teeth, wiping her face... After sending her daughter to kindergarten, he went back home to make up for sleep in the living room, and then he had to prepare three meals a day for the whole family.

When eating, he has to wait until after feeding the child before he has time to eat by himself, and at the same time observe the child's condition at any time with his peripheral vision.

After bathing the children at night, reading picture books, and coaxing them to sleep, he can have his own time, pour a glass of Coke, watch video programs, and enjoy rare relaxation.

Ge Peihao saw his first day in the studio to take care of his baby full-time, and he felt incredible, and asked, "Am I so miserable?"

  For the other three new full-time dads on the show, the audience can see their hustle and bustle, as well as their growth and changes.

The three fathers' different ways of bringing their babies are also talked about.

Ben is an American preschool teacher who advocates entertaining education. He blows two balloons and squeezes ketchup in the middle to teach children how to wipe their butts.

Facing his wife's worries, Ben said a golden sentence on the show: "The hardest part of being a full-time father is not to take care of the children, but to let the wife not take care of the father." Zhang Xiaocheng is the husband of Olympic diving champion Wu Minxia, ​​but he himself Not a public figure, but an amateur dad.

He carried out a "contract" to bring the baby in the way of managing the company, signed a "good partner contract" with the child and signed it.

Street dancer Xiao Jie once participated in "This!

It's Hip-hop" program, which has a certain popularity, but it is not a popular star.

His way of bringing a baby is called "bringing a baby with negative experience value" by netizens, and he has the style of "funny family": he forgets to close the door when he goes out; his son goes to school with toothpaste stains on his mouth, not only forgot to bring a water cup, but also a red scarf I bought it now at the school gate; in order to put my daughter to sleep, I danced "radish squat" for two hours...

 Don't rely too much on celebrities

  "Dad's Home" received tens of millions of views 5 hours after its launch, and the response was good.

In addition, there is a parent-child variety show "My Little Tail" featuring amateur guests, which has been broadcast for two consecutive seasons, and the second season just ended in April this year.

This program focuses on the wonderful age difference phenomenon in the "two-child family", and takes the "brother-sister relationship" as the starting point to explore the mutual companionship and growth of brothers and sisters in getting along.

After the first season of "My Little Tail" was broadcast, "Genius Xin'er and her useless brother" became a hot topic of discussion among netizens.

"My Little Tail" has brought a certain amount of voice to the increasingly weak parent-child variety show, also known as "Parent-Child Variety Show 2.0", proving that parent-child shows with amateur guests as the main perspective are still feasible, and there is no need to rely too much on celebrity families. support the scene.

  Once upon a time, parent-child programs such as "Where Are We Going Dad?" and "Dad Is Back" were very popular, but these kinds of programs, whether it's outdoor travel or indoor home, only focus on the short-lived life of father and child for three days and two nights, and tend to be entertaining. , it is difficult to conduct an in-depth discussion of parent-child issues.

In 2016, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the management rules restricting the participation of minors in reality shows, also known as the "Child Restriction Order". Children’s utilitarian talent show, children’s reality show and other program types, strengthen the guarantee for the development of children’s programs.” In 2018, the “Child Restriction Order” was further upgraded, from a notification to a regulation, and a large number of star-hosted parent-child variety shows were misfired.

In the meantime, although there are also programs such as "Let Go of My North Nose" adopt the model of celebrity guests + amateur cute babies, so that celebrities become "temporary parents" of children, but their intimacy and interaction are far less profound than blood ties.

  "My Little Tail" and "Dad's Home" are presented to the public in the form of amateur parent-child + star observation. During the 100-day process of getting along, there are firewood, rice, oil, salt, and noise, which are closer to the daily life of ordinary people.

The amateur parent-child variety show also provides more reflections on parent-child education and family relations for the social level.

For example, in "Dad's Home", the society's prejudice against stay-at-home fathers is shown. Many of the interviewed stay-at-home fathers disclosed their dilemmas, such as not being understood by their father-in-law and mother-in-law, and need to deliberately conceal it.

The program not only aims to break the social prejudice against stay-at-home fathers, but also to rectify the name of stay-at-home mothers.

Zhang Xiaocheng, a guest on the show, used to only play with the children for an hour every day. After taking the baby full-time for a day, he sighed from the bottom of his heart: "I will 'pick' him whoever says that being a full-time mother is easy in the future." No entertainment, no show, no hype , fermenting more in-depth thinking, this is the meaning of the continued existence of parent-child variety shows.