Yasmina Kattou with AFP 2:22 p.m., May 19, 2022

The Foodwatch association has announced the filing of two complaints in Paris after contamination with bacteria linked to the consumption of Kinder chocolates and Buitoni frozen pizzas.

These two complaints, filed Thursday afternoon at the public health center of the Paris prosecutor's office, relate to seven offenses.

Foodwatch France intends to denounce "the irresponsibility of two agrifood giants" and "break the climate of impunity faced with these multinationals".

Two complaints will be filed Thursday afternoon at the Paris prosecutor's office by the Foodwatch association.

The complaint concerning the Ferrero group is filed with two families of two girls poisoned with salmonella.

The second complaint targets the Nestlé group and its range of Buitoni Fraîch'Up pizzas contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria.

“We are filing a complaint to send an extremely strong message which is: enough of these repeated food scandals!”, launches Karine Jacquemart, general manager of Foodwatch.

Denounce the impunity of large groups

These two complaints relate to seven offenses including "marketing of products harmful to health, endangering the lives of others and aggravated deception".

Karine Jacquemart denounces the impunity of large groups and wants companies to be condemned.

"These companies have obligations and we also hope for dissuasive sanctions so that there is no longer this type of scandal. The two complaints list several offenses: deception, endangering the lives of others... “, she details.

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"In the Kinder scandal, it is children who are concerned. There is an 8-year-old girl and another 6-year-old. This 6-year-old girl had myocarditis. These are things that are quite serious and necessarily which have extremely distressed the parents”, says the director general of Foodwatch.

Karine Jacquemart adds that the families of victims can always contact the association if they wish to join in these complaints.


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Two children died

At the beginning of April, with the approach of the Easter holidays, the Italian confectionery giant Ferrero had recalled all products manufactured at its factory in Arlon, Belgium, after the report of dozens of cases of salmonellosis possibly linked to consumption of its chocolate products in several European countries.

A Parisian examining magistrate has been seized since May 12 of this health scandal, which caused the death of two children.

According to a latest report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as of May 18, 324 cases - 266 confirmed and 58 probable - of salmonellosis have been identified in 13 European countries including the United Kingdom.

Children under 10 are the main victims of this infection.