Sitting in the car, having a hot pot, seeing the night view of Chengdu, this bus is suitable

Chengdu launched the country's first hot pot bus, with a fare of 89 yuan, connecting multiple nighttime landmarks

  A spicy and fragrant bite, and a glimpse of the fireworks streets.

The country's first hotpot-themed bus will be officially launched in Chengdu in the near future, opening a new experience of Chengdu night play.

On the afternoon of May 18th, the reporter came to the downstairs of IFS, the starting point of the hot pot bus, to experience a hot pot bus first.

  The reporter learned from the Chengdu Public Transport Group that this time, the hot pot was put on the bus and built into the 2.0 version of the CITY TOUR sightseeing bus. Tourists can sit on the bus and eat hot pot while enjoying the night scenery along the way, creating a "food + transportation + "Tourism" cross-border integration of new night consumption scenarios.

The "fare" of the hot pot bus is 89 yuan, including the whole journey, food package, explanation and other contents. Each ticket can support 2~3 consumers to eat.

The car will accept reservations from May 20 and end on June 19. It will only run for one month, and the opening time is 19:00 every day.

  "Bus Hot Pot Bureau goes through the city in one bite".

With the crisp ringtone of "Dangdangdang...", a Dangdang bus with chili red as the main color slowly parked downstairs at IFS. This is the latest hotpot-themed bus built by Chengdu Public Transport Group.

Walking into the carriage, the seats have been changed to sit in pairs, and napkins are placed on the table in the middle.

There are 8 dining tables in the whole car.

  The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Public Transport Group New City Bus Company introduced that the hotpot theme bus was jointly launched by Chengdu Public Transport Group, Chengdu Cultural Tourism Group and Dalongyi Hotpot. The hotpot ingredients on the bus were mainly provided by Dalongyi Hotpot, all of which were cooked. Ready to serve, no heat required to cook.

Taking into account the different tastes of foreign tourists, Dalongyi also fine-tuned the spiciness of the hot pot to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

  In addition to the hot pot, the bus is also equipped with a driving assistant to explain the cultural origin of Chengdu hot pot and the stories of the attractions along the way to the foodies, so that the whole trip is not boring.

  It is reported that the hot pot bus only runs for one month, starting on May 20 and ending on June 19.

The running time is 19:00 every day, with a daily departure. It starts from Chunxi Road and passes through Taikoo Li, Wangping Street, 339 TV Tower, Tianfu Square and other night landmarks, and the whole journey takes about 90 minutes.

Consumers can purchase the experience through the WeChat public account of "Chengdu Tourism General Entrance".

  The relevant person in charge of the new city bus company of Chengdu Public Transport Group said that the hot pot bus is another innovation and upgrade of the sightseeing bus after the panda line, the Jincheng line, the night tour line and other sightseeing routes. In the future, it will rely on the characteristics of wine, tea and Sichuan cuisine. For food elements, tavern buses, teahouse buses, and Sichuan cuisine buses have been launched one after another. With the help of the tourist bus as a carrier, we can explore and display the unique food characteristics of Chengdu, and help build the "world food capital".

  "At present, the hot pot bus only operates one bus a day. In the next step, we will increase the number of buses in real time according to the booking situation." said the person in charge.

In addition, Chengdu Public Transport Group will also launch a double-decker tourist bus.

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Yan Yuheng