An investigation by the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters revealed that a North Korean IT engineer living in China was suspected of being involved in the development of a Japanese smartphone application in the name of another person and illegally receiving compensation.

Police sent documents to two Korean-registered office workers living in Yokohama, alleging that they were involved in the illegal remittance of compensation.

The documents were sent to two people, a 57-year-old male office worker from South Korea who lives in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, and a 75-year-old unemployed woman from Korea who lives in Kita-ku, Tokyo.

According to police, a male office worker said that a North Korean IT engineer living in China illegally sent a fee of about 1.7 million yen related to the development of a Japanese smartphone application, and a woman helped it. All of them are suspected of violating the Banking Act.

According to the investigation so far, the police said that the IT engineer registered for a Japanese service that introduces the engineer to the company using the name of the company employee who was sent the document and undertook the development of the application. I'm investigating in detail as if I had sent a part of the reward to North Korea.

According to police, the two have admitted to the investigation, and the office worker said that he met an IT engineer in Pyongyang, North Korea, where he visited for work.