Before the summit of the four-country framework "Quad", which includes Japan, the United States, Australia, and India, will be held next week, the Metropolitan Police Department will conduct training assuming an attack on key persons at the guesthouse in Minato-ku, Tokyo. I did it.

Approximately 160 people participated in the training on the 18th, including the SP of the Security Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department, which guards VIPs.

The training was conducted on the assumption that a man attacked the people who gathered to meet the VIP while swinging a knife, and the guard dog and SP who were waiting nearby quickly seized the police officer who was the criminal. ..

Also, assuming that a man who was confused with the gathered people fired a pistol when the dignitary arrived, the SP took control of the criminal role and guided him into the car while surrounding and guarding the dignitary, and on the spot. I was checking a series of steps to leave.

This month, President Biden of the United States will visit Japan from the 22nd to hold a Japan-US summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida, and on the 24th, the framework of the four countries including Australia and India in addition to Japan and the United States, Quad A summit will also be held.

The Metropolitan Police Department is strengthening its vigilance, saying that in addition to the area around the venue, so-called "soft targets" such as stations where a large number of people gather may become targets of terrorism.