The woman's savings of 800,000 were deposited in the village bank and could not be withdrawn

It may be related to Henan New Fortune Group, and relevant departments have launched an investigation

  May 16 was the 29th day that Ms. Bai could not withdraw her deposit.

How can there be a problem with putting money in the bank?

Ms. Bai really couldn't understand it, and many savers like Ms. Bai were also shocked.

  The bank where the "Bai Ladies" deposit money is a village bank in Henan.

The promised interest was higher than the four major banks. Ms. Bai deposited the savings of 800,000 yuan from herself and her parents into three village banks in Henan.

Since April 18 this year, many rural banks have closed their online businesses one after another.

The bank issued an announcement saying it was system maintenance.

  The deposit amount has ranged from tens of thousands of yuan to millions of yuan or more. "Ladies Bai" have tried their best in the past month, "I hope the relevant departments will promote it as soon as possible, so that we can get our hard-earned money back as soon as possible. "

Depositors waited for withdrawals at village and town banks in Henan, and there were second-class card depositors and foreign depositors who said they could not withdraw money.

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  Reporter Chen Chen

29 days when the deposit cannot be withdrawn

  Ms. Bai has changed the nickname of the social platform to "Have the three village banks in Henan returned my deposit?" Every day she forwards multiple messages related to this.

  The three village banks in Henan mentioned in Ms. Bai's nickname are Yuzhou Xinminsheng Village Bank, Henan Shangcai Huimin Village Bank, and Henan Zhecheng Huanghuai Village Bank.

According to depositors, in addition to these three, there are two village banks that have the same problem, namely Kaifeng New Oriental Village Bank and Anhui Guzhen Xinhuaihe Village Bank.

  According to public information, in addition to Kaifeng New Oriental Rural Bank, the largest shareholders of the other four banks are Xuchang Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.

  In 2019, Ms. Bai started to deposit with three village banks in Henan through an app called "Du Xiaoman". "The interest rate is higher than that of the four major banks." In recent years, Ms. Bai has deposited about 800,000 yuan into the three banks. Yuan, which includes her savings in other banks, her monthly salary, and her parents' pensions.

  The above-mentioned five village and town banks have been abnormal since April 18 this year.

In the past few years that Ms. Bai has deposited here, in addition to this anomaly, there has also been a small episode in the middle.

  In January 2021, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the People's Bank of China issued the "Notice on Regulating Commercial Banks' Personal Deposit Business through the Internet", stipulating that commercial banks shall not conduct time deposits and fixed-life and two-convenience deposits through non-self-operated online platforms. business.

This means that depositors who purchase deposit products from financial platforms such as “Du Xiaoman”, “Jingdong Finance” and “Binhai Guojin” will no longer be able to conduct related deposits and withdrawals through these platforms in the future.

After the notice was released, Ms. Bai received a text message from the bank, "There is a link in the text message, click on the WeChat applet of the bank." After that, Ms. Bai began to operate the deposit and withdrawal business directly through the applet.

  On April 19, Ms. Bai found an abnormality when she wanted to withdraw money.

"The bank reminds system maintenance." Then Ms. Bai saw in a WeChat group that many depositors reported that the bank started "system maintenance" on April 18, and depositors could no longer make deposits and withdrawals online.

  Calling the bank's customer service phone over and over again, complaining through various channels, asking the media for help... May 16 was the 29th day that Ms. Bai couldn't withdraw her deposit.

She said on social platforms, "Wait and wait, disappointed, and life has been seriously affected."

There are lucky people who have withdrawn their deposits

  In fact, since many village banks started "system maintenance" on April 18, some depositors have withdrawn cash.

Mr. Ren, who lives in Yuzhou, told reporters that his friend took out more than ten thousand yuan from the bank counter on May 4.

"It's a first-class card, and I'm a second-class card that I applied online. I can't get my money out." Mr. Ren has a deposit of about 20,000 yuan in Yuzhou Xinminsheng Village Bank.

In 2019, he applied for a first-class card at the bank, and then opened a second-class electronic card for collection.

  "The bank's collection code has no handling fee." This is the main reason why Mr. Ren chose Yuzhou Xinminsheng Bank.

Mr. Ren runs a financial company. Usually, customers handle business and pay through the collection code provided by Mr. Ren.

On April 19, when Mr. Ren logged into the bank app to withdraw cash, he prompted "system maintenance, please go to the counter to handle it".

Then Mr. Ren went to a nearby bank branch and found that there were a lot of people queuing up in the bank. "I felt something was wrong at the time. I heard some people call and mention that they can't withdraw money."

The counter staff told Mr. Ren that his card was a second-class card and could not be withdrawn. "I went to the counter a few times later for the same reason."

  "The first-class card can be taken out, but it needs to make an appointment to queue." Mr. Ren's friend started making an appointment on April 24, and finally took out all the deposits from the bank counter on May 4.

  Mr. Zhang from Jinan also has a class of cards, but he is not as lucky as Mr. Ren's friend.

In 2019, Mr. Zhang went to Kaifeng New Oriental Rural Bank in Henan to apply for a first-class card, and later purchased several million yuan of deposit products through online transfer.

On April 18, after Mr. Zhang saw from the Internet that some depositors reported that they could not withdraw cash, he logged on to the bank's app and found that there was a limit for withdrawal. "There was no limit before." In the following two days, Mr. Zhang transferred and After withdrawing tens of thousands of yuan from an offline ATM, his withdrawal limit became "0".

  During that time, due to the epidemic, Mr. Zhang was unable to arrive in Kaifeng.

In some rights protection groups, Mr. Zhang saw that many foreign depositors holding Class I cards were told that they could not withdraw cash even if they arrived there.

In addition, Mr. Zhang provided reporters with information on some depositors in Shandong. There are 369 registered depositors, and the deposit amount in five village banks is relatively large.

Savers see system maintenance as a cover

  At the end of February this year, Mr. Ye from Shanghai purchased a deposit product of 2 million yuan through the WeChat applet of Yuzhou Xinminsheng Bank. When he was about to use the money two months later, Mr. Ye found that he could not withdraw the cash. "The bank customer service said at first about system maintenance. Later, I called to ask at several branches. The customer service said that my information could not be found, so I called the police." Mr. Ye called the local police in Yuzhou, "The police who answered the phone counted my name and ID number, and said that they would report to the leader after summarizing, and there would be no news after that." Mr. Ye, who was anxious to spend money, wanted to prevent the company The capital chain is broken, and I have already borrowed online loans.

  Mr. Ji, who has deposited a total of 520,000 yuan in three banks including Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank, told reporters that at present, the WeChat applet of Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank cannot be opened normally, and the applet of Kaifeng New Oriental Rural Bank cannot deposit or withdraw money. , you can also query the balance and other information.

  The reporter noticed that on the official website of Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank, an announcement was issued on April 18. The bank upgraded and maintained the system on April 18, and the bank's online banking and mobile banking services will be suspended.

In addition, the bank's customer service hotline prompt mentioned that "lawless elements use our online channels to carry out economic crimes. We have suspended the online channel business and have reported the case. Please remain rational, and the official announcement information shall prevail. Spread the rumors or not believe the rumors, wait patiently..."

  A number of depositors provided reporters with a feedback statement from a technology company that provided operation and maintenance services for the four banks involved. The technology company said that the four village banks had forcibly shut down the online channel fund payment business.

"System maintenance is fake, it's a pretense." Mr. Ji thinks.

Banks say they suspend business due to coronavirus

  Since the abnormal withdrawal on April 18, relevant parties have released some news, but Mr. Ji and many other depositors believe that "there is no positive response."

  On April 25, some depositors left a message on the Xuchang Municipal People's Government website to report that Yuzhou Xinminsheng Village Bank was unable to withdraw money online.

The government replied that some criminals have used the online channels of Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank to conduct fraud recently. In order to effectively block the fraudulent activities of criminals, Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank is upgrading and optimizing the online channel system.

  On April 25, the People's Bank of China also responded to depositors' messages on its official website, saying that the People's Bank of China is highly concerned about this incident. At present, relevant departments have launched an investigation. The People's Bank of China will cooperate with relevant departments to protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers in accordance with the law.

  On April 30, the person in charge of the relevant departments of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission responded that the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission is highly concerned about the suspected violation of the law and the closure of online service channels in individual village banks in Henan and other places, and has instructed the local China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau to closely cooperate with the local party committee, government and relevant departments. Quickly carry out investigation and verification, and deal with it actively and prudently.

  On May 4, the Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau announced that in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, the reception of visitors and the 12378 hotline in Henan will be suspended from now on.

On May 11, the Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued another announcement to resume the service of the Henan branch of the 12378 hotline.

  On May 12, Mr. Ren received a text message reply from the Xuchang Supervision Branch of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. Mr. Ren called him on April 25 to reflect the problem.

The reply stated that the Xuchang Supervision Branch of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has transferred the matter to Yuzhou Xinminsheng Village Bank for processing in accordance with relevant regulations.

  The reporter noticed that Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank issued an announcement on May 6, saying that in cooperation with the epidemic prevention and control work, the bank will suspend business on May 6.

There are media reports that the police have filed a case

  According to the Beijing Youth Daily, a depositor provided a recording of a call with a 110 police officer.

The police officer said that the police had intervened in the investigation, and initially found that the relevant bank cooperated with Henan New Fortune Group Investment Holding Co., Ltd., which was suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits and is currently in the stage of investigation and investigation.

  After seeing the above report, some depositors worry that their deposits will be characterized as "non-sucking funds".

However, there are also depositors who believe that they are depositing in the bank normally, no matter what the bank does with their deposits, it has nothing to do with the depositors, and the normal withdrawal behavior of depositors should not be restricted.

  On May 16, the reporter called the relevant telephone number of the public security department of Yuzhou City. A staff member said that he was only responsible for registering the depositor information, and it was inconvenient to inform other situations.

  In addition, the public telephone numbers of the branches of the village banks involved, such as Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank, could not be reached.

  Mr. Zhang from Jinan believes that village banks are banks no matter how small they are, and depositors have the freedom to withdraw money.

Mr. Ye from Shanghai was shocked by the incident, "I didn't expect the bank to be like this."

  Mr. Ji is concerned about how the deposits of himself and other depositors will be characterized. "If it is characterized as normal deposits, then I think I can get my money back."

In this case, even if the bank goes bankrupt, he can get 500,000 yuan in insurance money.

But once the money is characterized as non-sucking, Mr. Ji has no confidence to say the above.

  Mr. Ji said that he put all the hard-earned money he had saved in the bank out of his natural trust in the bank. He never expected to encounter such a thing.

Seeing that it will take a full month to withdraw cash, "all kinds of loans have to be repaid, and all kinds of fees have to be paid".

Mr. Ji said that if this matter lasted for more than a month, it would be more troublesome.

  (All names in the text are pseudonyms)