Study: Air pollution killed 9 million people in 2019

A recent scientific study published by the scientific journal "The Lancet" said that air pollution caused the death of about 9 million people in 2019, especially chemical pollution.

 According to the report, carried by "sputnik", air pollution was responsible for one out of every 6 deaths that occur in the world during that period.

The study pointed out that the effects of pollution are fatal to humans, especially when the air contains pollutants that directly affect the heart or lungs and lead to health problems, including severe diarrhea, respiratory problems and cancers.

According to the study, poor countries have the highest rate of deaths due to pollution, amounting to about 92%, and this has negative economic effects on them.

The study considered that the effects of air pollution on humans are catastrophic and exceed what they are exposed to due to wars and epidemics, noting that the statistics indicate that the deaths in 2019, which reached 9 million people, include 6.7 million due to air pollution, 1.4 million due to water pollution and about one million Due to the poisoning of the lead element that accumulates inside the body and is produced from industrial activities.

The study pointed out that African countries are the most affected by the consequences of pollution.

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