In order to help the students who have evacuated from Ukraine to Japan in the future, an organization supporting acceptance held an orientation to explain the attitude toward employment and how to deal with disasters.

This is a private organization "Pathways Japan" that supports the acceptance of students evacuating from Ukraine to Japan in cooperation with International Christian University and Japanese language schools in Japan, and with teens who have evacuated from Ukraine. Ten women in their twenties participated.

At the beginning, Tokumasa Orii said, "After graduating from university or Japanese language school, it is necessary to think about some life options such as what you want to be."

He explained that in order to get a job in Japan, it is necessary to learn how to use honorifics and business etiquette in addition to a certain level of Japanese.

Another person in charge showed a video of the earthquake and tsunami and taught them to protect themselves under the desk in the event of an earthquake and to issue a tsunami warning if a tsunami is expected.

Tokumasa Orii, the representative director of "Pathways Japan", said, "Even though they have evacuated, they have a high sense of purpose to learn Japanese, so I want them to blend in with Japanese society and walk on their own feet. I want you to make many friends and play an active role as a link between the two countries. "