On May 18, on World Museum Day, the newly discovered cultural relics of Sanxingdui in 2021, the bronze mythical beasts, were officially opened to the public for the first time at the theme of "Blossoms and Bronzes - Bashu Bronze Civilization Special Exhibition" jointly created by a number of cultural and expo units in Sichuan and Chongqing. display.

It is understood that this bronze divine beast was unearthed at the bottom of Pit No. 3 in the sacrificial area of ​​the Sanxingdui site, near the west wall.

The bronze beast is 28.5 cm long, 26.4 cm high and 23 cm wide.

The whole object is in the image of a beast with its head held high and its four limbs crouching on the ground. The hind limbs are missing, and the ears and tail are damaged.

There is a horn on the top of the head of the mythical beast, the word "Chen", a flat, long, round, wide mouth, a short neck, a slender torso, a high chest, a slumped waist, outstretched limbs, hoof feet, upturned tail, and a cloud and thunder pattern on the body surface. Decoration, the overall shape is robust and powerful.

When the beast appeared in the live broadcast before, many netizens lamented that this is a cultural relic version of the modern "robot dog".

(Reporter He Xi produced Le Xiaomin)  

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]