• For several days, Internet users have been claiming that France is the most dangerous country in Europe and that Nantes is the city with the most insecurity.

  • The representatives of Reconquests!

    and the National Rally took over this ranking to point the finger at the policy put in place by Emmanuel Macron in terms of security.

  • These claims are based on a real chart.

    However, it is far from being reliable and reflecting reality.

    20 Minutes

    tells you more.

France is the “most dangerous country in Europe”.

This is the message shared several thousand times on social networks for a few days.

France "has 11 cities in the top 15 most dangerous in Europe", say internet users.

A ranking that may surprise given the context of war in Ukraine.

“Amazing that this essential subject of insecurity is systematically ignored in electoral debates”, underlines one of the Internet users.

In the comments, the fault is put on the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron.

And the far right did not miss the opportunity to recover this ranking to serve its purposes.

This is particularly the case of Stanislas Rigault, president of Generation Z, spokesperson for Reconquête!

and candidate for the legislative elections invested by the party for the 2nd constituency of Vaucluse: “The only ranking or France of Macron prospers.


The only ranking where Macron's France prospers.


(Ranking of the most criminal cities in Europe).


— Stanislas Rigault (@stanislasrig) May 14, 2022

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But where does this ranking of the most dangerous cities and countries in Europe come from, and is it really reliable?

20 Minutes

takes stock.


As the author of the first publication specifies, he gets his information from the Numbeo.fr site.

This is a Serbian global database with information on perceived consumer prices, crime rates, quality of health care, among other statistics.

It is stated that “data on Numbeo is not peer reviewed and can be inserted or edited by anyone accessing the website”.

The rankings of the most dangerous countries and cities do exist on the site.

When we look at the table of cities in Europe with the worst safety index, here, we see that Nantes is in third position behind two English cities.

When it comes to countries, France has the second worst security index here, and the second highest crime index, behind Belarus.

However, this ranking should be taken with a grain of salt.

The site explains its methods for compiling its statistics: “This section is based on surveys of visitors to this website.


Proof of this is that the small Swedish town of Lund found itself ranked as the most dangerous in the world in 2017. To demonstrate the risk of such statistics, an Internet user had fun placing this town ahead of Caracas in the ranking, which knows yet much higher crime.

As he explained to Swedish news outlet

 The Local

, all he had to do was give the small town the worst possible ranking in all review categories, repeatedly. 

What about security in Europe?

There is no classification of this type that is sufficiently reliable.

A few other indicators are calculated by INSEE for the European Union.

Regarding the feeling of security, 72% of respondents say they feel safe in France.

A very low figure compared to the other countries of the union: tied for 25th with Bulgaria, followed by Italy and the United Kingdom.

The institute notes all the same that according to the nationalities, insecurity is not evaluated in the same way.

Regarding the different cities of France, the most reliable data is collected by Ville-data.com.

The site divides the number of facts by the number of inhabitants in order to measure a risk factor.

This places, for the facts of 2021, Lyon as the least safe city in France.

Followed by Saint-Denis, Lille, Bordeaux and Paris.

A classification which only concerns crimes and offenses recorded by the police and the gendarmerie, and which therefore does not count those without the filing of a complaint.

To remedy this lack of data, the Ministerial Statistical Service for Internal Security has been carrying out, since March 1, 2021, a statistical survey on experiences and opinions in terms of security, among people aged 18 to 74 in metropolitan France. .

Its publication date is not yet known.


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