Decidedly, Harrison Ford seems to take a liking to television.

After being announced in a recurring role in the next series for Apple TV+,


, he agreed to integrate the universe of



The actor will indeed be in the cast of the next prequel, entitled


And he will have a prestigious partner, since Helen Mirren will give him the reply, specifies The Wrap.

The actress knows the television exercise well, having played for 17 years the role of Inspector Jane Tennison in

Suspect Number 1

and, more recently, that of Catherine of Russia in

Catherine The Great


Complete genealogy

Since 2018, the series (broadcast in France since April 2021 on the Salto platform) evokes the story of the Dutton family living on a ranch in Montana, near Yellowstone Park.

Other spin-offs chronicling the genealogy of clan members are in development, with


, starring Sam Elliott in particular, having aired last year.



story places the adventures of the Dutton family in the early 20th century.

Against the backdrop of the Great Depression, pandemic, historic drought and the end of Prohibition, the plot of the American series is likely to find echoes with the present time.


is announced in two parts of seven episodes each for broadcast this fall and next winter.


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