Guangdong takes multiple measures to expand domestic demand, stabilize foreign trade, and strengthen the new development pattern


  Not long ago, the 131st Canton Fair ended successfully in the cloud, and handed over a dazzling new "transcript" - the official website has accumulated 10.09 million visitors, 33.9 million visits, and a total of 25,500 exhibitors. "Cloud Express"... The Canton Fair, which has been "going to the cloud" for five times, has achieved the goal of "more stable system, more complete functions, more efficient docking, and more in-place services", attracting more and more enterprises to bring high-quality products to this platform. Show to customers at home and abroad.

  This is one of the epitomes of Guangdong's overall plan for the high-quality development of the province's trade and comprehensive deployment to promote the construction of a strong trade province.

At present, Guangdong adheres to the principle of stability at the forefront, seeks progress while maintaining stability, consolidates the "hard foundation" of science and technology, leverages the "acceleration" of carbon neutrality, and firmly takes the road of high-quality development.

  As a major economic province, a major foreign trade province, and a major opening-up province, Guangdong has taken multiple measures to expand domestic demand and stabilize foreign trade, break through the key blocking points that restrict the economic cycle, enhance the function of linking domestic and international dual circulation, and accelerate the creation of a new development pattern. Strategic pivot.

  Text/Guangzhou Daily all-media reporters Xu Xiaofang, Lin Xiaoli, Fang Qing

  The foreign trade import and export of Guangdong Province has successively stepped up from 6.3 trillion yuan in 2016 to 7 trillion yuan and 8 trillion yuan, the actual use of foreign capital has exceeded 130 billion yuan to 180 billion yuan, and the total retail sales of consumer goods has increased from 3.5 trillion yuan. jumped to the 4 trillion yuan level.

  In 2021, the number of high-tech enterprises in the province will exceed 60,000, 16 enterprises will be listed in the world's top 500 companies in 2021, and 215 technology-based enterprises will be selected as China's top 1000 innovative enterprises in 2020. Ranked first in the country.

  Guangdong has built an industrial data map around 20 strategic industrial clusters, and vigorously promoted the supporting and coordinated development of domestic and foreign upstream and downstream.

A total of 218 major foreign-funded projects with an annual investment of more than US$100 million have been completed in five years.

  As one of the first seven carbon emission trading pilots in the country, by the end of 2021, the cumulative transaction volume and amount of carbon emission allowances in the Guangdong carbon market will be 199.7 million tons and 4.61 billion yuan respectively, ranking first in the national carbon market in all regions.

  Digitization: Using "New Forms and New Momentum" to Unblock the Economic Cycle

  Since 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, globalization has encountered adverse currents, and the resilience of the supply chain has also been tested.

In the face of changes in domestic and foreign situations, it is crucial to accelerate the construction of a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles mutually reinforcing.

  As "China's first exhibition", the transformation measures of the Canton Fair in recent years are an important epitome of Guangdong's smooth economic cycle and solid promotion of the new development pattern.

  Digital transformation is the key to keeping up with the trend of trade development.

"When the 127th Canton Fair was converted to an online event, I turned all these rooms into live broadcast rooms. We, who had never watched live broadcasts before, also actively learned from scratch and transformed from amateurs to experts." According to Zhang Jing, the relevant person in charge of the textile and garment foreign trade business of Guangzhou Light Industry Group Textile Co., Ltd., the digital transformation of the Canton Fair also promotes the upgrading and adjustment of enterprises to adapt to the new direction of development.

This new trend of "going to the cloud" not only allows foreign businessmen to understand Chinese products across the ocean, but also facilitates domestic buyers to grasp product trends in a timely manner, and global businessmen can "buy the world and sell the world" without leaving home.

  Promoting the integration of domestic and foreign trade is an important part of smoothing domestic and international circulation.

The accelerated release of demand in China's domestic market has provided a domestic market for export industries such as electronic appliances and light industry.

From the perspective of consumption upgrading, some foreign trade enterprises in Guangdong are shifting from traditional mass production to personalized customization, which can better meet the needs of domestic consumption upgrading.

  Export to domestic sales has become a new choice for many Guangdong foreign trade enterprises.

The Canton Fair's efforts in promoting dual circulation bring "new notes" to this "old topic".

At the 128th Canton Fair "Dual circulation of domestic and international, domestic and foreign trade drive - Canton Fair double circulation promotion activities", the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce released 13 measures of Guangdong Province to support the export of enterprises to domestic sales.

  For the consideration of promoting the integration of domestic and foreign trade, in September 2021, the Canton Fair, which has grown for 65 years, will be fully opened to domestic buyers for the first time.

MINISO, a local company in Guangzhou that has built a flexible production supply chain that matches high flexibility and flexibility, saw the broad space of the Canton Fair and said, "The Canton Fair is China's window for opening to the outside world, and it is a high-quality service trade in the new era. It is an important platform for development and an important channel for MINISO to discover and tap high-quality suppliers."

  Strengthening the new kinetic energy of foreign trade development is an innovative step to promote the sustainable development of the dual cycle.

In addition to the Canton Fair, in recent years, Guangdong has actively promoted the construction of a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, continuously cultivated and expanded new momentum for foreign trade development, and achieved remarkable results.

Among them, the province's cross-border e-commerce imports and exports jumped from 22.8 billion yuan in 2016 to 331 billion yuan in 2021, with an average annual growth of 92.1%; market procurement exports jumped from 81.5 billion yuan in 2017 to 315.9 billion yuan in 2021. The average annual growth rate is 40.3%.

  According to Zhang Jinsong, director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Guangdong has successively introduced a series of policies and measures to support the development of new foreign trade formats such as cross-border e-commerce, market procurement, offshore trade, and international distribution, forming a set of strong support for the strong development of Guangdong's new foreign trade formats. policy system.

  Power source: enhance competitive advantage with "hard-core scientific and technological innovation strength"

  On March 12, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice approving the application changes of self-testing application of new crown antigen products of Nanjing Novizan, Beijing Jinwofu, Shenzhen Huada Yinyuan, Guangzhou Wanfu Bio, and Beijing Huaketai Bio.

Of the 5 new coronavirus antigen self-test products approved for marketing, 2 are from Guangdong.

  "After the outbreak of COVID-19, Wanfu Biotech set up a scientific research team and completed the research and development of new series of new coronavirus detection reagents. Among them, antibody detection kits (colloidal gold method) and antigen detection kits (colloidal gold method) Jinfa) are the first approved rapid detection products for COVID-19 in my country," said Kang Keren, Senior Vice President of Wanfu Bio.

  Technology is the foundation of the fight against the epidemic.

From 2019 to 2021, Wanfu Bio's high-intensity R&D investment jumped from 190 million yuan to 459 million yuan, and developed a variety of fast, accurate, and easy-to-use detection products, providing "nucleic acid PCR + antigen + antibody" trinity of new crown detection. Product and solutions.

  Strength is the basis for a smooth "double cycle".

As early as last year, Wanfu Bio "knocked on" the door of the multi-national new crown self-testing agent market - successively obtained certifications from Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, Austria and other countries, and obtained EU CE certification in June last year.

As one of the largest manufacturers of new crown antigen reagents in China, its series of new crown detection reagents are now sold in more than 100 countries and regions.

  Novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection technology research and product development is one of the key directions of Guangdong Province's epidemic scientific research.

Guangdong has developed nucleic acid detection products in multiple locations, and a total of 19 detection reagents have obtained the national medical device registration certificate, ranking first in the country.

  The strong innovation consciousness and innovation ability of enterprises are the biggest characteristic and biggest advantage of Guangdong's regional innovation ability.

Entering the "14th Five-Year Plan", Guangdong will strengthen the main position of enterprise innovation, continue to promote the establishment of high-tech enterprises to improve their quality, and cultivate a group of innovative benchmarking enterprises; cultivate a group of future-oriented enterprises that master disruptive technologies and have the potential for explosive growth; Promote the construction of new R&D institutions, promote the establishment of R&D institutions by regulated enterprises, and support leading enterprises to drive innovation in industrial chain integration, etc., to form a situation in which Guangdong enterprises "innovate with thousands of troops".

  Enterprises can become the main body of innovation, dare to break into "no man's land", and dare to bite "hard bones" without the nourishment of the innovation environment: Guangdong has established a provincial-level technology credit risk reserve pool, and established 16 joint ventures with 14 prefectures and cities. Provinces and cities linked capital pools to leverage banking institutions to provide 53.237 billion yuan of credit to 6,848 technology companies, boosting the transformation of technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises.

  In 2021, Guangdong's regional innovation comprehensive capability will be ranked first, achieving the national "five consecutive championships"; the province's R&D expenditure exceeds 380 billion yuan, accounting for 3.14% of the regional GDP; the effective number of invention patents, PCT international patent applications In terms of quantity and other indicators, it ranks first in the country; foreign talents in Guangdong account for about 1/5 of the country, and the province's R&D personnel exceed 1.1 million; the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou" technology cluster ranks second in the world.

  Acceleration: Leading the transformation and upgrading with "carbon peak carbon neutrality"

  my country has entered a new stage of development. Promoting the "dual carbon" work is an urgent need to solve the outstanding problems of resource and environmental constraints and achieve sustainable development. It is also an urgent need to comply with the trend of technological progress and promote the transformation and upgrading of the economic structure.

Promote green transformation in economic development and achieve greater development in green transformation.

The new dual-cycle development strategy requires green transformation and sustainable development.

  On April 21st, Guangzhou Chengtou, Guangzhou Trading, China Southern Power Grid, GAC Aeon and other partners held the event of "The World's First Supercharger Capital (Guangzhou) Launching and the Completion of Aeon Supercharge and Swap Center".

According to the plan, 1,000 super charging and swapping centers will be built in Guangzhou in 2025, achieving a 1.5km radius coverage and reducing the time to find a station to less than 5 minutes.

This means that Guangzhou will usher in the large-scale construction of the new energy vehicle charging network, and take the lead in becoming the world's first supercharging capital, and the travel experience of pure electric vehicle users in Guangzhou will be further optimized.

  In terms of production and supply, economic data in the first quarter of this year showed that the production of new energy vehicles in Guangdong increased by 189.6% year-on-year in the first quarter, accounting for 16.2% of the national output.

The output value and output of new energy vehicles in Guangzhou increased by 1.4 times year-on-year.

  The rapid growth of new energy vehicles in Guangdong is a microcosm of Guangdong's green economy.

In recent years, Guangdong has vigorously promoted green manufacturing and clean production, and accelerated the adjustment of its energy structure.

At present, Guangdong Province has the second lowest carbon emission intensity in the country, after Beijing.

From 2010 to 2020, Guangdong Province exceeded its carbon emission intensity target, with a cumulative decrease of over 44%.

  On March 30, the World Economic Forum (WEF) announced that 13 new factories had joined its global lighthouse network, and two factories of Guangdong-based Midea were selected.

Midea's development direction for the future deployment of "Lighthouse Factory" is a green factory, such as integrating green elements into the intelligent manufacturing system, and building a green and transparent smart factory in the future, as well as the intensification of the land, the harmlessness of raw materials, and the cleanliness of production. , the recycling of waste, and the low carbonization of energy to build a green smart factory.

Relevant persons said that Midea is exporting Midea’s experience in building a lighthouse factory based on the “Lighthouse Factory” and “Lighthouse Network” to better empower the industry, build an ecosystem, and help the overall transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry. "Carbon Peaking, Carbon Neutrality".

  In Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, a "testing ground" for green development, Guangdong's green finance has always been at the forefront of the country.

The high-profile Guangzhou Futures Exchange is steadily advancing the research and listing of green development futures products such as carbon emission rights, electricity, and new energy metals.

From the perspective of the industry, China has the potential to become the world's largest carbon derivatives market, and the carbon futures market can be expected in the future.

  Guangzhou practice

  A technological upgrade road behind the lightening of compressors

  At the 131st Canton Fair, Guangzhou Industrial Control's "Cloud" live broadcast room attracted many buyers to inquire.

Among them, the miniature inverter refrigerator compressor with smaller volume has become the highlight of the company in this exhibition, and has been sought after by many domestic and foreign merchants.

  Compared with similar products in the market, the volume of this Wanbao miniature inverter refrigerator compressor is reduced by more than 26%, and the weight of the whole machine is only about 3 kilograms.

The reduction in the volume of the compressor means lower costs for manufacturers and more space for refrigerators for users.

"From 6kg to 3kg, the company actively responds to the national 'dual carbon' strategy and constantly breaks through technical difficulties." Lu Haijiang, director of Wanbao Compressor Technology Center, told reporters that in order to overcome the technical problems of miniaturization, the technical team has spent two and a half years continuous improvement, the product was finally mass-produced.

  In addition to continuous innovation and breakthroughs in product technology, this enterprise has also continuously achieved intelligence and greening in the production process.

Rows of intelligent production lines are running fast, a large number of intelligent transport AGV trolleys shuttle back and forth, and intelligent robotic arms on the production line are waving to perform delicate work such as welding, handling, plugging and unplugging... This is the Wanbao Compressor Conghua production base. Final debugging.

According to reports, this is one of the most advanced smart factories in the industry and will be officially put into operation at the end of June.

In the huge factory area, the reporter saw that all the fully automatic machinery and equipment were busy working, and sporadic technical management personnel were inspecting the equipment.

  "The Conghua production base realizes a digital smart factory by introducing intelligent equipment, advanced logistics system and information system." Deng Chengwu, executive deputy general manager of Wanbao Compressor, introduced that with the empowerment of technology, the per capita production efficiency has increased by about 60%. Five A refrigeration compressor can be produced in seconds, which is 20% longer than the traditional production process.

  This is not only a smart factory, but also a green factory.

According to reports, in this smart factory, energy consumption is greatly reduced, electricity consumption can be saved by 20%, and even industrial wastewater can be turned into domestic water after being treated by a filtration system, which can meet various purposes such as cleaning and fire protection in the factory.

  The technological innovation and upgrading of this enterprise from products to factories is a microcosm of Guangzhou's manufacturing industry.

In the new industrial era characterized by "interconnection, data, sharing, platform, and green", "digital intelligence" has become a key proposition for the transformation and upgrading of more and more manufacturing enterprises in Guangzhou. The manufacturing industry aiming at carbon reduction and green transformation The wind has come quietly.

By creating an advanced manufacturing technology ecosystem, from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing", we will promote the overall upgrading and high-quality development of the industry.

  "Promote green transformation in economic development and achieve greater development in green transformation. Technological innovation is the fundamental path of development. We will take technological innovation as a breakthrough, and focus on greening, intelligence and digitalization. A new strategy for circular development will help achieve the dual-carbon goal," said Deng Chengwu.