Ventilator is a Chinese folk performance skill.

  Mainly use the human body's mouth, teeth, lips, tongue, throat and other parts,

  With unique luck and vocal methods,

  imitating wind, rain, thunder and lightning, animal chirping,

  Various sounds in nature and life such as musical instruments.

  The origin of ventriloquism can be traced back to ancient times,

  At that time people hunted,

  Often imitates animal calls to lure prey.

  Ventilator performances in the Song Dynasty tended to mature,

  The performer hides behind a barrier,

  One person can imitate the various sounds in the market:

  Dogs bark, children cry, etc., lifelike.

  In the Qing Dynasty, there was a ventriloquist performer known as "Hundred Birds Zhang".

  Very good at imitating bird calls,

  His performances can even attract flocks of birds to "find company."

  Modern ventriloquism is assisted by audio equipment such as microphones.

  It can imitate the sounds of radio waves, planes, cannons, etc.

  Open up a whole new realm of sound.

  How, isn't it amazing?

  Come and learn Chinese ventriloquism together!

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