The whirling warm song

  "520" is coming soon, what should I do if my confession is rejected?

  Packing May 20th as a love festival of "520" (I love you), it is full of the atmosphere of the Internet age.

The homophonic stalk that is unsatisfactory after a hundred trials is related to love, and even if it is a "broken stalk", it has instantly won a lot of fans.

After all, the literary and artistic expression of love has been incessant since "Guan Guan Ju Dou".

  It's just that some young people talk freely on the Internet, like a master of love, but when they go offline, they think too much and take too little action.

One of her (his) eyes floated, and Yi's heart had already made eighteen turns: Does she (he) like me, do I want to confess to her (him), what should I do if my confession is rejected, she (he) Will you ignore me from now on... During the thousands of turns, the other party gradually disappeared from sight, only to be killed by memories of youth.

  At this time, a plausible love festival like "520" is needed to fuel the flames and give young men and women an opportunity to express their love with the help of the social atmosphere.

No matter how stupid people are, when they receive gifts or invitations on this day, they should always understand something.

  Therefore, on this beautiful occasion, I wish those couples who are in love with each other a good year;

In this regard, Chen Zhiyan, a professor at the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, put forward professional advice, "You can continue to like each other, but you must follow two principles."

  First, avoid self-administration.

For example, always looking at each other's photos, secretly following each other's Moments, chatting with friends about people you like... These behaviors that pay too much attention to each other will make you like him more and more, but they are meaningless to real life. You can't make yourself more attractive, and you can't attract the attention and likes of others.

  Second, make yourself happier and richer.

Note that it is not more "excellent", because if you do something out of the motive of making the other party feel that you are excellent, you are actually still paying more attention to the other party, which is risky.

You can be better, as long as you are doing what is right and you love.

And making yourself richer, happier, healthier, and more interesting has all the benefits and no harm.

  In fact, the knowledge of confession and rejection has always been a topic of concern for psychologists and sex education experts.

Dr. Fang Gang, an expert on sex and gender research, answered the questions "Do you want to confess your secret love?" "If you want to reject a courtship, how can you do it better?" "What should I do if I fall in love with someone who doesn't like me" and a series of questions that sound very tangled.

  Confession rejection is a behavior between two people. We often pay attention to what the rejected party should do. In fact, the rejecting party also needs to learn.

  Fang Gang said in the book that if you want to reject a courtship, you must choose the appropriate way, time, and occasion to express your rejection clearly without hurting the other party.

For example, if the other party uses e-mail, it may be because they do not have the courage to face it directly, so you may wish to reply by e-mail; if the other party makes a big statement in public, then you can also openly refuse.

It's a right to refuse a courtship, but it's also a matter of respecting the other person's personality and saying "no" firmly while saying "thank you" sincerely.

  The course of love has rarely been taught since ancient times. Some people can learn it without a teacher, and some people can only think about it.

Fortunately, more and more universities are now anxious for young people's urgency, offering various "love courses".

Fudan University professor Liang Yongan's "love class" went from classroom to online; East China Normal University's "Marriage and Love" elective course, which talked about confession and breakup, was full.

Talking about love, in fact, it is also about getting along between people. In addition to gender, what is more important is respect and understanding.

  There is also a love class, which is a love variety show that has been very popular recently.

The people on the screen are in love with a variety of tricks, as if they are "making a sample" for young people in reality, but if you think about it carefully, it seems that it is not.

Most of the men and women in the variety show are good-looking, realistic and worry-free, living in a relaxed and pleasant environment that is naturally suitable for love, traveling together, going camping together, without the pressure of livelihood, and without the boss's urging.

  Such a combination is impossible to find in reality.

More encounters in the world are in the daily life of the chicken feathers in one place, and most of the interactions are in the day-to-day life.

So friends, don't get too caught up in the swashes and pink bubbles of variety shows, it's a "seller's show" of love.

There is not so much romance beyond words in life. The biggest romance may be when you quarrel, you slam the door, walk to the small shop at the gate of the community, and unconsciously pack a copy of his (her) favorite duck neck. .

  So, the bad news is, give up romantic fantasies and recognize trivial reality; the good news is that Peng Kaiping, head of the Department of Psychology at Tsinghua University, has two data based on scientific research: out of 1 million people, at least 6,000 people can be your ideals partner; and there is at most one person between you and your other half, which is why many couples meet through a person or simply know themselves.

  In these days when the grass is growing, what is the fear of being rejected? Psychological statistics show that the psychological damage of a breakup lasts up to 3 months.

Come on, come here, I have a love affair and want to talk to you!

  Jiang Xiaobin