5 steps to take to maintain the beauty of your hair

Caring for dry, brittle and coarse hair is a tedious process that requires a regular daily routine, knowing what is harmful to your hair and what is beneficial, and today we brought you a set of great tips for taking care of dry, brittle and coarse hair.

Tips and Toes Beauty Tips on how to maintain the beauty of your hair and reduce breakage:

1. Use the right conditioner

Look for conditioners that contain proteins that rebuild damaged and broken strands, as well as soften and moisturize them.

2. Avoid towel drying the strands

Do not use the towel to dry your hair after washing it, because it causes the strands to break. Rather, let your hair dry on its own and then style it. 

3. Use a silk pillowcase

Use a silk or satin pillowcase, as these fabrics do not absorb the natural oils from the hair, and their smooth surface prevents hair from sticking to it and breaking it.

4. Do not tie the hair too tight

Tie the hair in a tight way, as this may cause it to break over time due to the breakage of some tufts.

5. Choose the right brush

When choosing a hairbrush, you must take into account, for example, the size of the brush that is appropriate for your hair, the shape of its teeth, and the material it is made of.

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