• The youthful-looking vigilante goes to war against an elusive terrorist.

  • "Detective Conan and the Bride of Shibuya" mixes action and suspense in spectacular fashion.

  • You don't need to be familiar with the saga to appreciate it.

Twenty-five feature films, 100 manga volumes, more than 1,000 episodes: Detective Conan, created by Gosho Aoyama, is celebrating its 28th birthday with dignity.

The juvenile investigator with swarming gray cells behind his little round glasses comes to appear on French screens with an excellent film:  

The Bride of Shibuya


This thrilling adventure is yet another demonstration of Eurozoom's rigor in Anime, which has already distributed  

The Scarlett Bullet

, featuring the hero in 2021. "The film had to be seen by everyone, even those who did not know the universe of Detective Conan”, specifies the director in the press kit.

And it works!

The spectator lets himself be carried away alongside the vigilante (adult prisoner in a child's body) and his friends to save a former policeman, his future wife and the crowded district of Shibuya from the actions of an elusive terrorist.

Supported by the creator

“I shrunk but not my IQ!

“, hammers the hero who demonstrates it brilliantly through adventures so thrilling and spectacular that we let ourselves be totally carried away.

Abductions, attacks and pursuits are on the menu in the heart of Tokyo for an entertainment to which Aoyama-san, creator of this universe, has come to bring his collaboration and then his unconditional support.

If the action takes place during the Halloween period, it is to better allow bewildering scenes such as the one where one of the heroes is kidnapped by the movements of a crowd with pumpkin heads or that garlands hung above tops of partygoers turn into lethal weapons.

Enough to develop a breathless suspense where explosive necklaces and multiple betrayals put the nerves of the hero and the public to the test.

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