• "Junk Head" is a science fiction film as original as it is disturbing.

  • This first feature film made in stop motion reveals a humanity on the verge of extinction in a nightmarish universe.

  • Its author took seven years to realize this pharaonic solo project.

Attention, Unidentified Filmic Object!

Junk Head

by Takahide Hori is one of those works so original and so personal that one can only admire the determination of their author.

Far from the codes of Anime or manga, this Japanese filmmaker has created a solo and self-taught universe of clones, mutants and strange creatures.

His hero ventures there in the hope of saving a humanity that no longer knows how to reproduce through genetic manipulation.

"The use of stop motion seemed to me the right way to go to embark on a dynamic and playful science fiction film project, which is not just an imitation of Hollywood action cinema", specifies Takahide Hori in the press kit.

This technique of animating puppets image by image allowed him to realize his project alone.

He is the sole author of a personal and disturbing work.

A titanic job

The artist took seven years to bring this feature film to life, a titanic job that allowed him to deliver 140,000 shots.

Result: a philosophical tale that questions humanity and its loss of bearings, nightmarish visions and an incredibly rich soundtrack.

We cannot recommend enough to dive into this world that haunts us for a long time.

Junk Head

reveals an innovative and singular artist of animation cinema.

We bet that we will still hear about Takahide Hori and we are delighted.

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