[Rural Revitalization] Xinjiang: Couples start businesses on the deserted Gobi desert with an annual income of over 100,000

  [Commentary] On May 15th, vegetable farmer Ableti Tumaimiti and his wife were busy in the rented greenhouse in Gobi Industrial Park, Shache County, Xinjiang. They have been growing green vegetables since October last year, and their income has gradually increased .

Not long ago, the couple contracted another greenhouse.

  [Contemporary period] Ableti Tumaimati, a greenhouse grower in Gobi Industrial Park, Shache County

  Under the guidance of technicians (personnel), my management level has also improved, (so) I have contracted another greenhouse, and my income this year can reach about 100,000 yuan.

  [Explanation] According to Ableti Tumamati, who is full of confidence in his income, with technical support, it is no longer a problem to grow two and a half crops of vegetables in one greenhouse. The most important thing is to master planting techniques.

In a few days, after fresh peppers are on the market, this land will be the main position for tomatoes in a few months.

  [Explanation] Shache County is located on the southwestern edge of the Taklimakan Desert. It is the most populous county in Xinjiang, and the per capita arable land in the whole region is only two acres.

In order to solve the problems of scarcity of arable land and ecological fragility, the local people reclaimed wasteland to build greenhouses on the Gobi desert near the county seat, allowing farmers to get rich.

  [Explanation] Wei Xingya, the person in charge of the Gobi Industrial Park in Shache County, introduced that after more than a year of construction in the park, in addition to facility agriculture, livestock and poultry breeding, forest fruit and other industries have developed one after another. It is not easy to ask for industries in the Gobi. These are all problems. The reason why it is not built in the depths of the Gobi is because the transportation, water and electricity can be connected to the park with a slight extension, and the light and heat resources are sufficient, which has many advantages for the development of facility agriculture.

  [Concurrent] Wei Xingya, head of Gobi Industrial Park in Shache County

  At present, the Gobi Industrial Park has solved the employment of 3,000 people, and these 3,000 people are from various towns and towns in the county.

  [Explanation] The deserted Gobi desert where the "wind blew the stone and ran" has now become a new channel for people of all ethnic groups to increase their income.

Wei Xingya added that the current industrial park is just the beginning, and when more industries settle in in the future, the park will provide more and different job opportunities.

  Yang Tao-Aili reports from Shache County, Xinjiang

Responsible editor: [Fang Jialiang]