, Hangzhou, May 17th, question: Return the West Lake to the people to the end

  The author is strictly Xie Panpan Tong Xiaoyu

  Yesterday, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province held a public opinion discussion meeting on "West Lake style and cultural protection".

At the meeting, cultural and historical experts, media, and other citizen representatives made speeches on how to further improve the protection of West Lake's features and culture, and were hired as supervisory consultants for the protection of West Lake's features and culture.

  Previously, the transplanting of seven willow trees by the West Lake in Hangzhou attracted national attention. After that, the West Lake Scenic Area quickly replanted willow trees and apologized to the public.

  In yesterday's meeting, Liu Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, once again apologized for the occurrence of the willow transplanting incident along the West Lake.

He emphasized the need to stand firm on the people's position, unswervingly promote the return of lakes to the people, the gardens to the people, and the scenery to the people, adhere to the long-term mechanism of running practical things for the people, adhere to "the people call me to do what I do", adhere to scientific and democratic decision-making, and let the masses The people fully participate in the protection of the West Lake's style and culture, and continuously improve their sense of happiness and satisfaction.

  Shen Aiguo, dean and professor of the School of Media and Humanities of Zhejiang University City College, said that the West Lake willow incident this time, on the one hand, is the love of the people for the West Lake, and on the other hand, the urban management concept of Hangzhou's return to the lake for the people has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people over the years. The awareness that tourists are the masters of the West Lake is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

This time Huanliu Yumin is also a benign interaction to practice the concept of Huanhu Yumin.

Willow trees smelling warblers in the willow waves of West Lake (photographed in 2020).

Photo by Ma Liqun

  For many years, Huanhu Yumin has been a consistent "Tiantiao" in Hangzhou.

  In the early 1980s, due to the dislocation of the city's development direction, the landscape function of Hangzhou West Lake shrank.

Of the more than 280 hectares in the Hangzhou Huanhu Road Circle, more than 80 hectares are occupied by various units and residents. These buildings are messy and dilapidated, with different styles.

  In 1983, Hangzhou City decided to "demolition walls" and began to demolish houses on a large scale to restore green space and build green spaces around the lake.

  Li Dexin, then secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, once told reporters that it was extremely difficult to return the lake to the people. At that time, many homes and units around the West Lake had backgrounds and backgrounds, but the city of Hangzhou insisted that it would break ground on the "Tai Sui".

  He believes that Huanhu Yumin has a "background" and confidence - this project has won the hearts of the people from the very beginning. It is a good deed for citizens, tourists, and future generations, and it is also the will of the people.

  After renovation, Hangzhou West Lake No. 1 Park has been along the lake to the lakeside line of Xiling Bridge in Jinghu Hall, with green grass and sparse flowers and trees.

Newly planted willow trees in West Lake.

Photo by Wang Gang

  After several comprehensive protections and renovations, in April 2003, all green spaces and landscapes along the West Lake were opened to citizens and tourists free of charge, and the return of Hangzhou West Lake to the people was realized.

  Entering the new era, the special renovation of Hangzhou West Lake Club can be regarded as a landmark event in the construction of local style and the return of the lake to the people.

  According to the China Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision News, in 2013, a map of "Clubhouse West Lake" and "Private West Lake" became popular on the Internet. Nearly 40 clubs near West Lake occupy the out-of-print scenery of West Lake.

Those who go in and out of the clubhouse are either rich or expensive, and the participation of public officials not only separates them from the masses, but also encourages extravagance.

To this end, Hangzhou took a "resolute" action, and identified 56 high-end business places (private clubs), closed 2 and transformed 54.

  It is understood that the West Lake Clubhouse, which was inaccessible to idlers in those days, has now become a public place such as a teahouse, a calligraphy and painting academy, and a museum.

  From the renovation of the West Lake to the free opening, the special renovation of the West Lake Clubhouse, and in recent years, Hangzhou West Lake has launched digital convenience services such as parking and departure fees, booking tours, etc., and today, the West Lake return to Liu event, times are changing, what remains the same is Hangzhou City’s response to return The persistence of the lake for the people, the garden for the people, and the scenery for the people remains unchanged is the people's love and protection of the West Lake.

  Hu Hongwei, deputy editor-in-chief of The Paper, attended the forum yesterday. He believes that Hangzhou has a good historical tradition of respecting public opinion.

Hangzhou can use the transplanting of willow trees along the West Lake as a reference and window for the modernization of social governance, and accumulate fragments that can be remembered and recollected in the future.

  From the high-profile renovation of the West Lake more than 40 years ago, to the recovery of the seven willow trees today, there may be no more "big things" for the people in the lake, but there are no small things in the West Lake, and the people have put forward more suggestions for the protection and inheritance of the cultural landscape of the West Lake and the World Cultural Heritage of the West Lake. With high requirements, Huanhu Yumin in the new era also has a new connotation.

This requires the managers of West Lake to further refine the granularity of management, so that decision-making has more humanistic considerations and public opinion basis, and through the new governance pattern of co-construction, co-governance and sharing, the love and wisdom of the people can truly become a valuable resource for West Lake governance. .

  Liu Jie, secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, also said yesterday that it is necessary to draw inferences from one case to another, establish rules and regulations, and continuously improve the modernization level of the governance system and governance capacity.