Regarding the Omicron strain "BA.2", which is currently the mainstream of infection with the new coronavirus, groups such as the University of Tokyo have shown the results of animal experiments that the ability to cause symptoms is about the same as "BA.1". Announced.

A group of specially appointed professors Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo made a presentation in the scientific magazine "Nature".

The group infected hamsters with the actual viruses of the Omicron strain "BA.2" and the previous epidemic "BA.1", and investigated the symptoms in detail.

As a result, in both cases, there was no abnormality in the change in body weight and the inflammation of the lungs was mild, and the symptom-causing power was about the same in "BA.2" and "BA.1". is.

When various therapeutic agents were administered to hamsters infected with "BA.2" and their effects were investigated, antiviral drugs developed by Merck and Pfizer, respectively, and antiviral drugs developed by Shionogi and pending approval in Japan. Viral drugs have been shown to be effective in reducing the number of viruses in the lungs to 1 / 10,000.

Professor Kawaoka said, "'BA.2' is not a situation where the symptoms are particularly strong and it is not a problem. The therapeutic drug seems to be highly effective, so if you can receive treatment immediately after the onset, you will be in a normal life. I think I can go back. "