The Palme d'Or is one of the world's most prestigious film awards and this year Ruben Östlund competes with the film "Triangle of sadness", Tarik Saleh with "Boy from heaven" and Ali Abbasi with the film "Holy spider".

Ruben Östlund and “Triangle of sadness”

For the second time, Ruben Östlund has a chance at the prestigious Golden Palm in Cannes.

In 2017, he won with the film “The square”, which was the first time in 25 years that a Swedish production won the award.

With his new film, the contemporary satire "Triangle of sadness", he depicts what happens when a group of people on a luxury yacht are stranded on a desert island. Woody Harrelson and Henrik Dorsin are some well-known names in the roles.  

Tarik Saleh and “Boy from heaven”

Tarik Saleh is the graffiti painter and host who became a film director.

In 2016, he broke through with the international and gold beetle-awarded "The Nile Hilton incident".

The film was based on the true story of the murder of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim in 2008, and took place in a decaying Cairo. 

With the new film "Boy from heaven", Saleh returns to Cairo.

This time to one of the world's largest and oldest universities, Al-Azhar, where a poor boy receives a scholarship and is drawn into a power struggle with the religious and political elite.

Ali Abbasi and “Holy Spider”

Swedish-Iranian Ali Abbasi is a trained film director in Copenhagen and broke through with the film Border, based on John Ajvide Lindqvist's horror story.

The film won Un certain regard at the Cannes Film Festival and the award for best film at the Guldbagge Gala 2019.

This year he competes with the Danish film "Holy spider" which is about a journalist who chases a serial killer, after several murders of prostituted women in the holy city of Mashhad.

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