On May 16, Chen Min, director of the Flood Control and Drought Relief Department of the Ministry of Emergency Management, pointed out at a press conference that the "7.20" heavy rainstorm disaster in Zhengzhou, Henan in 2021 caused heavy casualties and property losses, which aroused widespread concern in the society.

The National Defense Office and the Ministry of Emergency Management have cooperated with relevant departments to do a solid job in urban flood control and drainage in response to problems such as weak urban drainage infrastructure, imperfect flood control systems and mechanisms, and insufficient grassroots emergency response capabilities exposed by the disaster.

All localities are required to conscientiously organize and study the "Investigation Report on the "7.20" Heavy Rainstorm Disaster in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, learn from lessons, do a good job in checking for leaks and filling vacancies and improving and improving work, earnestly do a good job in pre-flood preparations, and pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities , Mechanism improvement, plan revision, hidden danger investigation, force preparation, training and drills and other flood preparation work.

  Chen Min pointed out that the National Defense Office has also issued guidance on strengthening grass-roots prevention and response to extreme rainstorms, and put forward specific requirements for the prevention of extreme rainstorms at the township (street) and village (community) levels.

Coordinate with relevant departments to comprehensively investigate the hidden dangers of urban drainage and flood prevention facilities and flood control engineering facilities, especially reservoirs, flood channels, flood storage and detention areas, mountain flood disaster threat areas, and urban low-lying and flood-prone areas, and urge relevant parties to rectify flood control in a timely manner. If there are hidden dangers and the rectification cannot be completed before the flood season, we require the implementation of flood control measures and relevant responsible persons.

Increase the construction of flood control engineering facilities and urban waterlogging prevention facilities to make up for the shortcomings of infrastructure and improve disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities.

(Reporter Liu Chao)

Responsible editor: [Zhang Aolin]