Even before the cross-examination, Amber Heard's public relations advisers were ranting.

Instead of limiting the post-marital mudslinging with Johnny Depp to "Who hit whom?", crisis managers at California agency Shane Communications tried nothing less than the American Constitution on Monday.

"We suspect that Johnny Depp's attorneys are trying to distract from what this trial is about: Does Amber or any other woman have the right to free speech enshrined in the First Amendment?"

They alluded to Heard's opinion piece in the "Washington Post" in which she described herself as a victim of domestic violence at the end of 2018.

Although the actress didn't name Depp, the Golden Globe winner felt slandered - and filed the defamation lawsuit, which is now being tried in a Virginia court after Heard's counterclaim.

"Isn't it actually that Depp is their victim?"

Anyone who last followed the procedure hardly thinks about fundamental rights and the constitution.

Rather, it was about alleged fisticuffs after drug or alcohol excesses, severed fingertips and the rape with a bottleneck.

After a week's break in the process, the insight into the lowlands of a Hollywood marriage continued on Monday.

Depp's lawyers accused Heard of defecating in the marriage bed and of inventing a broken nose that the 58-year-old is said to have taught her at the end of 2015.

According to a talk show recording seen by the jury in the courtroom, Heard appeared a day later without any apparent injuries.

From the witness stand, Heard, 36, let the jury know bruises,

Johnny Depp's attorney, Camille Vasquez, advised the jury that Heard's alleged injuries were not supported by medical records.

Rather, it was not Depp who abused Heard, but Heard who abused Depp.

"Isn't it more like that," Vasquez asked, "that Depp is their victim?"

Heard also struggled with the $7 million settlement that Depp paid the actress after the 2016 divorce.

In the past, she said she had donated the money to the civil rights organization American Civil Liberties Union and Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.

As it turned out in cross-examination, Heard had only passed on a six-figure amount to the organizations.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk, her lover after Depp split, added $500,000.

Claimed donations, missing certificates, alcohol confessions?

In the coming weeks of the trial, Heard's crisis manager should still have a lot to do.