China News Service, Shanghai, May 17 (Liu Xiao and Chen Congyao) On May 16, He Fangzheng, fresh food manager of Shanghai RT-Mart Nanhui Store, and the clerk put the newly arrived 8424 watermelon on the counter.

"Today (16th) afternoon, our store resumed business offline, and we prepared a total of 30 tons of vegetables and fruits. There is a whole row of durians alone, as well as Narcissus Mango and Xiaotai Nong Mango." He Fang said.

  RT-Mart told reporters that among the 26 RT-Mart stores in Shanghai, 10 stores have resumed offline business, covering Pudong New District, Fengxian District, Songjiang District, Jinshan District, Jiading District, etc.

  In addition, the reporter learned from Carrefour that as of May 16, Carrefour Shanghai stores have basically resumed online business.

At the same time, some of its stores in Xuhui District, Songjiang District, Pudong New District, Hongkou District and other districts of Shanghai have also resumed offline business.

  Among them, the Carrefour Shanghai Hongkou District Quyang store is located in the central urban area of ​​Shanghai. Wu Ming, the store manager, said that the offline business hours of the Carrefour Quyang store will start at 12:00 noon on the first day, and the subsequent business hours will be extended to the whole day.

Wu Ming said: "At present, the Carrefour store has sufficient supply of goods, and the sales of vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk, rice, noodles, grains, oils, and snacks are booming. A variety of freshwater live fish, chilled seafood, fresh crayfish, oysters, and modified atmosphere packaging brand chilled. Meat, seasonal fruits and vegetables are all popular.”

  The orderly progress of the resumption of business and market by enterprises has benefited from the effective control of the current epidemic in Shanghai.

Shanghai Deputy Mayor Zong Ming introduced on the 16th that there have been no new reports of positive infections in Shanghai for two consecutive days, and the prevention and control has achieved phased results.

At present, 15 of the 16 districts in Shanghai have achieved social clearance, the total number of closed and controlled areas has dropped to less than 1 million, and the number of new positive infections has dropped to less than 1,000 for the first time on the 15th.

  According to Zhu Hua, deputy director of the Quyang Road Sub-district Office where Carrefour Quyang Store is located, according to the guidance of the Commerce Commission, since the closure, Quyang Road Sub-district has been carrying out orderly supply guarantees to meet some of the normalized consumption needs of community residents.

Zhu Hua introduced the situation of resumption of business and market in Quyang Road Street Photo by Chen Congyao

  "According to the city and district epidemic prevention and control requirements, and in accordance with the principles of 'orderly liberalization, limited movement, effective control, and classified management', and on the basis of promoting the resumption of business and markets in stages, we try to invite the 'superior' residents in the prevention area. Residents of Wuyi District are the targets of today's pilot program for resuming business and markets," Zhu Hua said.

It is reported that since March, there have been no positive cases in Wuyi District.

"Residents and friends can participate in normal offline consumption activities with the invitation card of Carrefour."

  According to Zhu Hua's statistics, at present, more than 85% of the supermarket enterprises in Quyang Road Street, Hongkou District have resumed business operations, including 38 retail drug stores.

Zhu Hua said that the streets will gradually release their working capacity according to the unified deployment of Shanghai, according to the transfer of employees and the operating conditions of shops.

  The reporter saw at the entrance of the Carrefour Quyang store that customers entering the store not only need to hold the invitation card issued by the community, but also complete the "digital sentinel" scanning code health verification machine at the door to check the site code and 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate, temperature measurement Wait for a series of processes.

In order to avoid the gathering of customers in stores, Carrefour will also take measures such as staggered peak current limit and social distancing to ensure a safe and orderly resumption of operations.

  Zong Ming said that with the implementation of various prevention and control measures, based on the analysis of experts, the next step of prevention and control work is divided into "three stages". Under the premise of controllability, the normalized management of epidemic prevention and control will be fully implemented, and the normal production and living order in the city will be fully restored.