The news is that comedian Jung Joo-ri, who recently gave birth to her fourth child, has decided to 'keep cord blood'.

Today (17th), Joo-Ri Jung posted a post on her personal SNS saying, 'A review of the storage of cord blood to commemorate her dismissal from the discharge'.

In the photo that was released along with her writing, the words 'Congratulations on being discharged from the discharge, mother Jung Ju-ri' was written, and her fourth son's fallen umbilical cord was also included.

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Jung Joo-ri introduced the aforementioned cord blood, saying, “Everyone, do you know cord blood?

Jung Joo-ri said, "Umbilical cord blood is 'umbilical cord blood' that can be collected only once during childbirth. It contains stem cells and immune cells, so it is said that there are about 100 diseases that can be treated (with cord blood). , and Doha also have a high coincidence rate, so we can prepare for future diseases."

He continued, "It's really the last chance. It's an opportunity that you won't get again."

In particular, if there is a family history of cancer or genetic disease, the 'cord blood' mentioned by Jung Ju-ri can be used for the treatment of fatal diseases not only of the baby, but also of family members.

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Maybe that's why Jung Ju-ri was able to collect umbilical cord blood through a post and expressed her hope that she felt comfortable, but hoped that there would be no need to use it in the future.

Lastly, Jung Ju-ri said, "Umbilical cord blood can be donated. It can give someone new strength, so if you don't keep it, please donate it."

Netizens who saw the post responded, "I didn't know it was so precious," "I kept it when I was the youngest!", "I wanted to donate, but I couldn't because it was only available in metropolitan areas."

(Photo = Jung Ju-ri Instagram, YouTube)

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