• The collective of students and young graduates For an ecological awakening gives publicity to the publications of the Giec via a 4x3 poster campaign in the Paris metro.

  • It all started with a post on the LinkedIn social network where the Mediatransports advertising agency was tagged.

    This validated the project.

“Tonight is it burger?

No, it's an IPCC report!

Between the latest collection of a clothing brand, the promises of ultra-fast delivery of your groceries at home or the latest campaign for a cut-price flight to Greece, the latest report from the intergovernmental group of experts on the evolution of the climat (IPCC) is posted all week long in the Paris metro.

A nice media stunt, signed For an ecological awakening, a collective of students and young graduates determined to accelerate the ecological transition.

This involves giving visibility to IPCC publications.

A media stunt from a LinkedIn post

The scientific body has just completed the publication of its sixth report on climate change, a major synthesis on the state of scientific knowledge on the subject since 2014. The first part, published in August 2021, highlighted the unprecedented acceleration of global warming.

The second, in February, focused on adaptation, ie the already real impacts of global warming and the means of preparing for it.

Finally, the third and final part, published on April 4, focused on mitigation.

In other words, solutions to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

“Like the first two, it was published with relative indifference,” regrets Amélie Deloche, referring to figures from the Climat Media collective, which scrutinized the television news and counted 13 minutes, in total, devoted to the report.

For an ecological awakening has not said its last word.

From this third publication, the collective summarizes it in ten key points and fits on one page, reviewed by the economist Céline Guivarch, co-author of this report.

And, using photoshop, begins to imagine it displayed in 4x3 in the Paris metro instead of the usual advertising posters.

The result is posted on the LinkedIn social network, tagging the Mediatransports advertising agency.

A summary to take on your smartphone

This post will do double duty.

"Not only was it a great success, generating nearly 30,000 'likes', but Mediatransport quickly called us to give us the opportunity to make this project a reality," says Amelie Deloche.

Our dossier on the IPCC

This is how this post became reality.

The poster will be visible on the platforms of 108 stations, or almost a third of the network.

"Essentially in Paris and among those who have the most passage", welcomes Amélie Deloche.

Well, in the end, the synthesis does not appear in the advertising poster.

"It involved writing in too small a font to make people want to read it", justifies Amélie Deloche.

The five million daily metro users are then invited to scan a QR code which refers to the summary to take away on their smartphone and to read quietly at home.


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