The full story of "The Sphinx's nap" in Egypt

A state of controversy and astonishment struck the Egyptians during the next few hours after circulating photos and videos of the Sphinx with its eyes closed, unusually, after which questions and “comics” followed about the cause of this Western phenomenon and the extent of the truth of the matter, so what is the story?

The current prevailing opinion and the closest to logic is that the pictures and videos that were circulated are fabricated, or in a more accurate sense, the Sphinx was filmed at an angle opposite the sun and with a weak camera that did not clarify its features, which made the picture appear in this way, according to the statements of many antiquities officials in response to this controversy.

This theory was confirmed by archival photos of the Sphinx on one of the largest photography agencies in the world (Gettyimage), which were filmed a year ago in separate stages and different angles, including an old photo filmed from below (low angle) showing his eyes closed, while the recent photos were taken Visualize it from other angles and his eyes appear natural.

According to the "Echo of the Country" website, some went to another belief, which is closer to the imagination, that what happened was a curse from the curses of the Pharaohs or a signal from the Sphinx that a curse or a great disaster would come during the coming period, some attributed it to an upcoming nuclear war, and some also linked this incident to the discovery of NASA talk, which showed that there is a door on Mars that leads to another world or universe.

While many followers of social networking sites and "Scarsm" pages circulated the incident, which turned into a "Trend", in a sarcastic manner, such as: "The Sphinx's sleep", "The Sphinx is tired and winds a little", "The Sphinx.. you slept?"

"Wake up, Sphinx" and other sarcastic comments attached to pictures of the Sphinx while he is "sleeping."

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