“The Indus rose up the winter crops.

The red sun broke out ... The old man Romualdych sniffed his footcloth and already bewitched.

So we learned that in Poland there is an ex-Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland and one of the main Russophobes of the country, Romuald Sheremetyev.

And he is very concerned about the fate of Kaliningrad.

For example, he demands that "Kaliningrad be demilitarized."

In general, he thinks a lot of things, which actually looks like dangerous nonsense in the light of the Yalta and Potsdam agreements, and about the fact that “NATO is invading St. Petersburg” and expects that “the collapse of Russia will happen faster than you might expect.”

But Kaliningrad...

How can I explain to Pan Sheremetyev that even if you don’t go into pre-war history, then purely according to the Potsdam agreements of 1945, by the right of the victor, the USSR received this third of East Prussia forever and from the very beginning it was a special military district.

Because, in fact, a war that smoothly flows from the first to the second, etc. And that, in fact, Poland received the rest as much as two-thirds, and it does not appear in any lists of victorious countries.

Moreover, only from the generosity of Comrade Stalin, they also gave her the German city of Stettin, the very port of Berlin, which is now called Szczecin - even historically there have never been Poles at all.

By the way, we didn’t get any thanks, only anger and curses from the Polish political class.

They don't have enough.

Kaliningrad remained the westernmost outpost - including armed, even when Poland was in the Warsaw Pact, that is, in a single military bloc with the USSR.

So why suddenly Kaliningrad should be disarmed precisely when NATO is already rattling its weapons in Ukraine?

Why did all these Kaliningrad Iskanders suddenly stand up like a bone in their throat?

And this is the usual great-power arrogance and arrogance, voiced by the former democrat and oppositionist Romuald Nikolaevich Sheremetyev, - for some time now the rhetoric of Polish political circles has been precisely this.

They feel behind their shoulders the support of the United States, and in defiance of the influence of Germany.

It is precisely by “special relations” with Poland that they are trying to put Germany in its place on any issue, so that it does not have any opinion on the territory of Europe - and only opens its wallet over and over again for all “projects”.

And the Polish elite is also trying to carefully erase in the memory of the people who exactly restored the Polish statehood in full in 1945.

Consider that there was no joint struggle against German fascism.

Because all this contradicts the realities of today, when it was Poland that was put up as the front of NATO against Russia in the Ukrainian campaign.

Romuald Sheremetiev is not a first-line politician today, but with his background he is one of the representatives of that deep political elite that led Poland to the current Russophobia.

And just listening to him, you need to understand what moods reign there.

Very dangerous sentiments, sir.

Make yourself a Tilsit cheese sandwich, Sir Romuald.

As a reminder that Tilsit of the Kaliningrad region has long been the city of Sovetsk.

They will remain.

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