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Editor Jeon Min-jae] Korea-Japan international couple YouTuber 'Tomotomo' uploaded a video of cherry blossom viewing filmed near Osaka Castle in Japan, but after it was criticized for historical controversy, the video was deleted and an apology was posted.

Today (16th), the YouTube channel community of 'Tomotomo' said, "In the picnic video uploaded on April 14, I found out through a recent comment that Osaka Castle, located near the place I visited for cherry blossom viewing, has historical problems. An apology was released saying, "The video has been taken down."

In a statement of apology, Tomotomo said, "Usually, before visiting a place (in Japan) for the first time, I pay attention and check for any negative aspects. This time, Osaka Castle was only recognized as a famous tourist spot, and the place was visited by cherry blossoms in a nearby park without admission. I was filming while concentrating only on the

Next, Tomotomo apologized, saying, "I couldn't reconfirm the historical background (about the place).

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Tomotomo continued, "The historical facts of Korea and Japan clearly exist, and we are fully aware that there are many areas that can be sensitive. Considering the influence of the channel in future video production, we should act more consciously and be alert to history. I will take care of it,” he said.

In the previously deleted video, the Tomotomo couple mentioned, 'I'm near Osaka Castle and the car is blocked' while driving.

Osaka Castle, the controversial castle in Japan, was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who caused the Japanese Invasion, to show off his power to unify Japan and symbolize wealth and glory.

Subscribers who confirmed the apology commented, "It's good to reflect, but ignore the too malicious comments. I always support you", "It's the first time I've ever seen someone curse like this for something that happened around me." and so on.

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Tomotomo is a channel about the daily life of a Korean couple, Yuin and Tomo, who started the channel with the first video released in 2019, and now has over 920,000 subscribers.

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