At the town hall of Grenoble,

After Rennes and Surgères (Charente-Maritime), Grenoble will become the third city in France to authorize the wearing of the burkini in its municipal swimming pools.

The deliberation, submitted this Monday afternoon to the elected officials, was adopted with a short head.

Twenty-nine councilors voted in favour, 27 rejected it and two abstained.

On June 1, the new swimming pool regulations should be modified, which will allow women to come and bathe topless, to wear a T-shirt to protect themselves from the sun or to put on a burkini, as soon as the pools open soon. summer.

The prefect of Isère had however warned, Monday evening, that he would seize the administrative court if this deliberation was adopted in order to have it canceled.

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Before Grenoble, Rennes already allows the burkini in its swimming pools


Burkini in municipal swimming pools: "A non-subject which should be seen as social progress", says Eric Piolle, the mayor of Grenoble

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