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Brazil: Climate tragedies are on the rise

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Brazilian soldiers search for survivors following the mudslide in the city of Petropolis, Brazil, February 17, 2022. © AP/Silvia Izquierdo

By: Sarah Cozzolino Follow

It is a seaside town threatened with disappearing under water, Atafona.

In Brazil, climatic disasters are multiplying between coastal erosion and deadly torrential rains.

To the north of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Atafona therefore, and the rising waters.

Elsewhere in the mountainous region of that same state, residents fear torrential rains.

In 2011, they caused nearly 900 deaths… In 2022, the city of Petropolis suffered from a record flood, causing the death of more than 300 inhabitants.

Disasters that are said to be “natural”, but which are nevertheless linked to global warming and human activity.


"Brazil: climate tragedies are multiplying", a great report by Sarah Cozzolino.


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