Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri 10:17 a.m., May 16, 2022

The game of hearings makes a new victim: the show Spectacular.

France 2 announces that it will end this program presented by Jean-Marc Généreux and Cyril Féraud.

Wanted as a more modern version of the "Greatest cabaret in the world", the program will have known only two broadcasts on the air.

Two numbers and then goes.

France 2 announces the end of its 

Spectacular program


Launched in October 2020, the entertainment program featured circus and performing arts performers who produced their acts on stage.

This French creation was a kind of more modern version of the 

Biggest cabaret in the world

, which did not fail to annoy Patrick Sébastien.

It was presented by Jean-Marc Généreux.

Host Cyril Féraud joined him in June 2021 for a second issue of the show which inaugurated some changes to the show.

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Disappointing audiences

However, these changes were not enough to straighten the curve of the show's audiences.

The first evening of


was followed by only 2 million viewers.

The second had done even less: 1.6 million viewers.

France Télévisions therefore decided not to renew the program, arguing that it had "not met its audience", as Alexandre Redde-Amiel, director of entertainment at FranceTV, put it on RTL. 


was Jean-Marc Généreux's only show.

Alexandre Redde-Amiel promises him "beautiful things".