The German participant in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) Malik Harris did much better than his last place would suggest.

Viewers in Austria, Switzerland and Estonia awarded him the six points he received in televoting in the final on Sunday night.

They saw the 24-year-old and his entry "Rockstars" each in ninth place, for which he received two points each.

Only once did he end up in last place: on the jury in Finland.

Twice he was placed by jurors in the thankless 11th place, by Austria and Australia, the jury in Croatia saw him in 12th place, that in North Macedonia in 13th place.

The viewers in Armenia rated him just as well.

In three other juries (Israel, Latvia and Spain), Harris came in 14th place, which was also seen by the viewers in Lithuania.

Overall, he ranked 15th to 20th more often than 21st to 25th.

The jury and the televoting each make up 50 percent of the overall result.

Each country can give a competitor up to 24 points - 12 from the jury, 12 from the spectators.

However, points can only be awarded ten times, i.e. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ten and twelve.

A country that finishes eleventh no longer gets any points for it.

Malik Harris only made it into the points three times in total, leaving him with only six points in the end.