“We've been waiting for this for a long time!

summarized a fan before the concert.

After more than two years of waiting, Dua Lipa was finally able to find the French public this Sunday, May 15.

Two hours before the start of the concert, in front of the AccorHotels Arena, there were those queuing for the best view and those desperately waiting for last-minute tickets.

Inside, the excitement rose crescendo until 9 p.m.: "She's there, she's there" shouts a fan.

The singer appears, coming from the ground, to the screams and applause of more than twenty thousand people.

A varied and excited audience

Casually dressed for some, neon clothes, glitter and elaborate makeup for others, the audience was diverse.

Even if the majority were under their thirties, the British singer hits a wider target than you might think with fathers, and even people in their 70s.

They came from all over France for the same thing: “A show that only she knows how to do.


Between cries of hysteria, tears and screams, the singer was eagerly awaited by her fans.

Throughout the concert, they sang, danced and obviously filmed every moment of their idol.

For more than an hour and a half, the energy was the same on the stage and in the stands.

The singer and her fans were able to relive together hits like



Break my Heart


Don't Start Now

and many more.

A woman as sexy as she is strong

Singer, model and muse of Yves Saint Laurent, Dua Lipa is also a sacred dancer, alternating movements of hips and hair to end up sweating.

Throughout the show, she conveyed the image of a sexy, seductive and even a bit badass woman.

Through the different dances and outfits, the fans were able to admire a woman who fully assumes her sex appeal and that's why her fans "love her dearly.


But it's not just a pretty girl who dances and sings in the middle of the stage while wiggling her buttocks.

Where the show was interesting for the public and especially for the youth, it is this mixture of conquering and sexy woman.

She has also carefully chosen her songs between music to unleash the crowds and songs with messages.

Fans were able to hear the title

Boys will be boys

on sexual harassment or even

Cold heart

with Elton Jonh on coming-out.

A "real American show", Angèle as a luxury guest

Before seeing her disappear into the ground in a last spray of multicolored confetti, her fist raised, the public was able to enjoy a few surprises.

Dua Lipa and her troupe of 10 dancers have performed crazier choreographies than each other.

Then, when the singer began to perform the title


, the singer Angèle appeared.

The packed house was at the height of its effervescence.

For her title


, she moved around in a gondola after releasing balloons onto the crowd.

In short, “a real American show.


Dua Lipa's tour, Future Nostalgia Tour, lives up to its name.

She offered us through 5 outfits and 5 paintings, a journey through time.

He started with a neon pink 1980s aerobics outfit and finished with a black jumpsuit with gold sequins in a futuristic setting.

Fans praised the performance and weren't disappointed at all: "She's amazing, she deserves more than a 10 out of 10", "She knows how to put on a show at every transition, it was a surprise", " It was fire, ”rejoiced the spectators at the exit.


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