China News Service, Urumqi, May 16 (Hu Junjian) "In order to welcome the new swallows, do not let the old curtain cover." At about 19:00 on the 15th, located in the lower reaches of the Tarim River and on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Second Division No. 33 The peculiar scene of nearly a thousand swallows flying in the sky appeared in the nineteenth regiment, like a goddess scattered flowers, and the scene was spectacular.

  Strangely, this group of twittering swallows only had a soft spot for the 1-kilometer radius on the north side of Tiaotian, instead of flying around the surrounding area, they only circled around this area.

Locals say that the gathering of swallows is an auspicious symbol.

Photo by Hu Junjian

  At about 20:00, the group of swallows, which were light, dexterous and graceful in flight, still did not disperse, and the nearby crows also participated in the group of swallows. They did not disperse until it was dark at 21:30, which is amazing. .

It is worth mentioning that the weather was sunny that day, and there was no abnormality throughout the day.

  "When I was working in the field today, I suddenly found a group of 'rare guests' coming near Tiaotian. A large group of swallows were flying and circling here. It's a good omen, and none of us will disturb these cute "elf".

The flock of swallows did not disperse until it was dark, and locals said they had never seen such a sight.

Photo by Hu Junjian

  "I have lived in the group field for decades, and this is the first time I have seen so many swallows gathered together." He Wei, a resident in his 60s, said that swallows are traditional "lucky birds" that bring good luck and we will treat them kindly. This new group of "neighbors".

  In this regard, Jiang Feng, deputy director of the group's agricultural development service center, said that this large-scale flocking of swallows is not only related to food and climate change, but also the improvement of the local ecological environment and sustainable development.