Beyond parenting counseling, he has emerged as a national psychological counselor.

Dr. Eunyoung Oh, a 'national mentor', will visit you this time through a talk concert.

Q. Busy daily life with consultations for the whole nation…

Wasn't it hard?

[Eun-Young Oh / Psychiatrist: I feel the responsibility of a happy shoulder more and more than it is difficult.

So, thank you so much for your support and trust.

I can't describe the personal glory and joy that I was born with.

To that extent, I am feeling the responsibility of choosing every word, word by word, very carefully.


Q. Consultation through broadcasting for a long time…

What is the driving force?

[Oh Eun-young / Psychiatrist: I always think of myself as a miner.

Why do miners go into the mines to mine coal and sometimes some gems?

But when I see people like this, there are people who say that these people in front of me are sometimes difficult, and there are many people who come because of great heartache, poor health, or conflicts between family members.

And again, young people these days have no hope and come to us with such conflicts and difficulties in mind, 'Am I really a precious person?

But whenever I see them, even in the midst of difficult times, if I follow my heart with them, I can see that humans love themselves very much and have the power to move forward.

I think of it as a miner who mines that energy and power.

So when I find them, I don't help them, they give me strength.]

Q. ‘The Ten Commandments of Parents’…

What must be observed?

Enlarging an image

Enlarging an image

[Oh Eun-young / Psychiatrist: I have a commandment not to hit.

But sometimes some people do.

No, the Bible says that the more you love, the more you should spare the rod. Doctor, why do you say not to hit a child? So I held his hand and originally good writing has a symbolic meaning.

I once said that not sparing a hawk is not a real hawk.

In fact, parents really love their children.

I really want to grow well.

The method is also important in conveying that love and that sincerity.

So I think it's really important to raise this child while protecting her heart while taking good care of it so that she is comfortable accepting it.

In that sense, you shouldn't hit it.

But that doesn't mean you have to grow up.

Actually, the Ten Commandments are verses that we usually think about.

It's a collection of things I did well, not something that I created in a huge way, but a collection of things I really want us to always do like this.]

Q. How do you usually relieve your stress?

[Oh Eun-young / Psychiatry Specialist: I also do this because it is difficult for my close family.

And again, as I said before, when I go with people who are having a hard time, I also receive a lot of comfort from the power found in them.

And I also have another drink with someone close to me.]

Q. A talk concert scheduled for a nationwide tour…


[Eun-Young Oh / Specialist in Mental Health: It is not over yet, but in this crisis that we all have no choice but to bear, everyone was so exhausted physically and mentally.

So, as if in a dark tunnel with no end in sight, we all experienced the weary mind and body of when will this end and when will we see the light?

And then I thought about it.

It's not because we didn't work hard, and that doesn't mean we can't afford this.

In the end, we have no choice but to go through it, so if we met these people, and if they had time to spend with me, what kind of stories would these people want to tell?

And what kind of questions do you want to ask? This is where it actually started.

Of course, I see you on TV, writing, and in various situations, but there is something called the field.

In this field, there is an energy possessed by human beings that cannot be weighed by eye-to-eye contact.

I feel this energy.

So, the people who came there can feel that energy, and why, not only themselves but also the people next to, in front, and behind, if we humans feel this energy and combine our strength, this is the power that we can live in the future. I was thinking that this might be the case.

I'm just doing concerts to look cool, but I'm actually.

In fact, I made up my mind that I would like you to come and experience a change of one degree.

But a lot of people said, 'Doctor, what is the first degree?'

So 1 degree out of 360 degrees.

Maybe when you stand on the same starting line, you can't tell the difference between this one degree from a distance.

However, if that small change of 1 degree accumulates every day, as time goes by, we arrive at a very different place.

The most important thing is to make such a change in which I communicate with my inner self, let's do small things, but let's put it into practice is a change of one degree.]