[Explanation] At present, Fujian is making continuous efforts to explore the new road of integrated development across the Taiwan Strait and taking greater steps.

Taiwanese youths who have come across the sea are also becoming an important force for the high-quality development of Fujian.

Not long ago, five Taiwanese youths won the Fujian Youth May Fourth Medal, and Chen Zhaozhi, associate professor and master tutor of Fujian Normal University, is one of them.

A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Chen Zhaozhi in Fuzhou.

  [Explanation] At 9 am, on the campus of Fujian Normal University, Chen Zhaozhi was having a discussion with the students.

As an associate professor of the school's School of Education, in his spare time, Chen Zhaozhi likes to exchange teaching experiences with students.

  【Same period on site】

  A normal student, including all teachers, must possess three elements. The first is educational professional knowledge, the second is teaching professional skills and teacher professional development. These three must be a trinity.

  [Concurrent] Chen Zhaozhi, a Taiwanese teacher at Fujian Normal University

  We must grasp that we are a teacher to have a solid knowledge, this is the necessity of becoming a teacher, then we must have a benevolent heart, and we must devote some effort to the students.

  [Explanation] Chen Zhaozhi is a native of Taichung, Taiwan. In 2012, after completing a master's degree in education in Taiwan, he was admitted to Peking University and continued to study for a doctoral degree.

Knowing that Fujian has introduced a number of policies to introduce Taiwanese talents, he resolutely chose to work in Fuzhou after graduating with a Ph.D.

In Chen Zhaozhi's view, the mainland has a broader development prospect and a greater space to display its talents.

  [Concurrent] Chen Zhaozhi, a Taiwanese teacher at Fujian Normal University

  I saw some information on the Internet, that is, I participated in the cross-strait summer camp exchange of Northeast Normal University, then I broadened my horizons, and I have a better understanding of the mainland of the motherland. I passed the application in (20)12, and we who applied for the test The School of Education, Peking University, came to Peking University in 2012 to study for a doctorate in educational economics and management. After becoming a teacher, I also wanted to combine some Taiwanese experience and a good idea from the mainland. For one, there is not only subject knowledge, but also a good teaching practice.

  [Explanation] On Chen Zhaozhi's desk, there are hand-painted cards, which are tailor-made for him by two undergraduate graduates who are about to step out of the campus.

Chen Zhaozhi cherished it very much and put it in the most conspicuous position of his desk.

At Fujian Normal University, the warmth from students and colleagues never stops.

In addition, he also gained love in Fuzhou, became a Fujian son-in-law, and had a lovely son.

Chen Zhaozhi told reporters that in recent years, more and more Taiwanese teachers have come to Fujian for development, which has greatly promoted the exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan in the field of education and academics.

  [Concurrent] Chen Zhaozhi, a Taiwanese teacher at Fujian Normal University

  To do a good job in teaching, scientific research, and social service, I will continue to make persistent efforts in teaching, and teach my labor education and my professional education economics well.

The social service is that as a compatriot in Fujian and Taiwan, I use my own personal experience to help compatriots on both sides of the strait, including Taiwan compatriots and mainland compatriots, to better understand each other and better recognize each other.

  [Explanation] In addition to teaching, Chen Zhaozhi also actively participates in social services.

This time, he was awarded the Fujian Youth May Fourth Medal.

He is also very honored.

Chen Zhaozhi told reporters that in the future, he will also devote himself to innovation in the field of education and polish and optimize course teaching.

He also encouraged more Taiwanese young people to come to the mainland to work and start businesses.

  [Concurrent] Chen Zhaozhi, a Taiwanese teacher at Fujian Normal University

  Including encouraging Taiwanese youth to come here for employment, as well as giving some employment support, I think more Taiwan compatriots can come here to develop, I have always said that Taiwan compatriots must work together to seek happiness for the people of Fujian , for the development of the motherland mainland.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Fuzhou, Fujian

Responsible editor: [Zhang Aolin]