"Sometimes business trips are staggered, and you may have seen each other's flights. Thinking about it is also a kind of scenery." Qin Liang, a "technical man", interprets the life that he and his wife have been together less and more from the most romantic perspective.

  In Qin Liang and Tian Huijing's marriage, how to deal with business trips and separation is the first lesson for two people to enter the marriage.

  Qin Liang is the general manager of the Science, Technology and Digitization Department of CCCC-Tianhang Bureau. He has worked for more than ten years and achieved remarkable results: he has presided over and participated in the construction of more than 20 national key projects such as Tianjin Port, Caofeidian and Jingtang Port, and participated in the domestic dredging flagship—— The commissioning and upgrading of "Tian Kun" and "Tian Jing", the design and construction of the largest raking suction vessel in China, the Tunnel, won 11 provincial and ministerial awards.

  In 2014, Qin Liang directed hundreds of engineering ships to the far seas of the motherland for construction.

As the chief engineer of the largest dredging project in domestic history, Qin Liang went to the ocean for the first time during the strong northeast monsoon period. He was working on the ship under the strong wind and waves, and a ship of engineers and technicians were dizzy and could not stand upright.

Even in such a difficult environment, they completed the task successfully.

  When Qin Liang could finally go home, Tian Huijing left again.

  In May 2017, the Xiong'an New Area was just established, and the Baiyangdian ecological environment management and protection planning work was fully launched.

As one of the first members of CCCC's expert group stationed in Xiongan, Tian Huijing, who came to Baiyangdian for the first time, was a little surprised by the scene in front of him.

"There were all kinds of garbage floating in the large reeds, the water was covered with a thick layer of oil pollution, and the lake water was almost black and green." Tian Huijing recalled.

  Tian Huijing and her team quickly threw themselves into the planning of the Baiyangdian internal source dredging program.

"It is necessary to ensure that the data on the habitat status of the underlying surface of the 362 square kilometers of water in Baiyangdian is detailed to the depth of research. To complete such a large amount of work within one month, to be honest, we had no bottom at the time." Tian Huijing admitted frankly.

  During that time, in order to come up with a plan, Tian Huijing led the team to stay in a temporary studio converted from a hotel room in Xiongan. They did not leave the room for 31 days. It was common for them to stay up late, and they would sleep for a day or two when they were sleepy. hours, wake up and get back to work.

In order to optimize the plan, Tian Huijing did not sleep a night for two consecutive days.

With the joint efforts of the team, the "Baiyangdian Ecological Environment Governance and Protection Implementation Plan" and "Baiyangdian District Comprehensive Desilting Project Special Planning Report" have been completed successively, laying the foundation for the implementation of Baiyangdian treatment work.

  After completing the planning work, in order to meet the requirements of digital transformation, Tian Huijing led the team to accept new challenges without hesitation.

She built the process, established the system, led the team, and successively carried out BIM technology in the Baiyangdian endogenous pollution control pilot project in Xiong'an New District, the Tanghe sewage reservoir treatment and restoration project, the Yellow River diversion project, and the restoration of Xiong'an Zaolinzhuang. application.

Among them, the "BIM Construction Management Platform for Environmental Dredging Projects" based on the Baiyangdian Endogenous Pollution Control Pilot Project was identified as an "internationally leading" level by Tianjin Science and Technology Evaluation Center in November 2020.

  Qin Liang and Tian Huijing, who met in the university laboratory, are each other's first love. The two people who are not good at words once fell in love through mobile phone text messages.

Tian Huijing recalled: "At that time, we were busy studying and doing experiments during the day, and we went back to the dormitory to chat with text messages at night, and sometimes we chatted very late. Interestingly, we both recorded the content of the chat on the mobile phone at the same time. In the diary, it is still preserved." Unexpectedly, the pattern of two people's initial expressions of affection continued into their future marriages.

  Tian Huijing said with a smile: "No matter who goes on a business trip, he will go to see the scenery in different places on behalf of the other half, and come back to share what he has seen and heard with his family. Of course, gifts are also essential." Here, Qin Liang picked up shells along the beach every day, and brought them to his wife and daughter when he got home.

Tian Huijing knew that Qin Liang thought about them every day.

  Their daughter, Qin Tianqi, is a fifth grader in elementary school. The thing she is most dissatisfied with her parents is that she always travels on business.

But thinking that one of her parents is a builder of the motherland's sea frontier, and the other is a designer of the Millennium City, she feels very proud.

  (Our reporter Liu Qian and Chen Jianqiang)