China News Service, Hong Kong, May 15 (Reporter Wei Huadu) The cross-sea section of the Hong Kong MTR (MTR) East Rail Line was officially opened to traffic on the 15th. .

On the same day, a large number of citizens and their families, old and young, took the bus to experience the new route and took pictures in the station.

  It is understood that the MTR East Rail Line has newly built a convention and exhibition station. The station is adjacent to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and connects the original Hung Hom Station and Admiralty Station to form a cross-sea section that spans Victoria Harbour and brings railway services to Wanchai business and trade. core area.

At the same time, the total length of the East Rail Line has increased to about 46 kilometers and 16 stations.

  That morning, the trains on the East Rail Line heading to Admiralty were full of passengers, and most of them chose to get off at the newly built Convention and Exhibition Station.

The reporter visited the station and found that many citizens went to the display board opposite the platform to view the display board recording the history of the East Rail Line after getting off the bus. Man chooses to take photo with family in station lobby.

Due to the large space of the exhibition station, even if a large number of citizens arrive at the same time, it will not appear crowded.

  "Today, I made a special trip to join in the fun. I took the bus from home to Shatin and then transferred to the East Rail Line of the MTR before arriving at the Convention and Exhibition Station." Granny Yang, who lives in Kwai Hing and is over 60 years old, said in an interview with reporters at the Convention and Exhibition Station: "When I was young, It is quite inconvenient to cross the sea, only ferries, and then buses and subways. Now the East Rail Line crosses the sea, and it is more and more convenient.”

  After the East Rail Line cross-sea section is opened to traffic, Admiralty Station is the terminal station, and this station has therefore become a "four-line transfer station", which is about one and a half minutes away from the Exhibition Station.

When reporters arrived at Admiralty Station, they found that the newly built East Rail Line platform was quite spacious and had multiple signs. MTR staff patiently guided passengers to the Tsuen Wan Line, the South Island Line and the Hong Kong Island Line.

  Ms. Mu, who lives in Lok Fu, has to go to work in Admiralty every day. She told reporters: "If there is no East Rail Line crossing the sea, you need to transfer to the Tsuen Wan Line to cross the sea. If you transfer to the East Rail Line in the future, you can save a lot of money. Traffic time.” When asked if the newly adopted trains on the East Rail Line had only nine-car carriages, she said, “There were a lot of people on the first day of the train. It was indeed more crowded than the twelve-car carriages, but it was acceptable. "(Finish)