China News Service, Yinchuan, May 15th: Ningxia's "fashionable grandma" becomes a model: a new life begins after retirement

  Chinanews reporter Yang Di

  What can I do after retirement?

66-year-old Li Chunhong gave a "unique" answer - being a model.

  Li Chunhong was a civil servant in Ningxia, working in the medical field.

In 2017, after retiring, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent 25 radiotherapy successively, suffering from pain and suffering from depression, but she did not succumb to the disease.

Li Chunhong is wearing makeup.

Photo by Yang Di

  "Cancer has stimulated my desire for life." Li Chunhong said that she wanted to do something she liked and happy in her limited life.

  In 2018, Li Chunhong stepped onto the stage of modeling at the suggestion of a friend.

After only a few months of training, she went to participate in the China middle-aged and elderly model competition that year, and unexpectedly won the gold award.

  "This award gave me a lot of confidence and allowed me to continue on the road of modeling." Later, Li Chunhong won the gold medal in two consecutive China middle-aged and elderly model competitions.

  In 2020, with the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, various offline modelling events have been postponed or cancelled one after another.

At that time, Li Chunhong began to try to create short videos: improvised short stories, gorgeous dress-up videos, and "destructing the street" on the catwalk on the street... The Internet gave Li Chunhong a platform to show, and countless netizens exclaimed "Sister is so beautiful".

  "I want to pass some positive energy to more people, especially the elderly, through my short videos. I hope everyone can live happily. People of our age can also go to the society and be happy by themselves. things." Li Chunhong said.

  The transition from a civil servant to a model has brought Li Chunhong into contact with another wonderful world. She used to wear only dark clothes at work, but now she lives a "sense of sophistication" across her age.

  "Now, I basically exercise for 2 hours a day, wear makeup when I go out, often do my nails, and do my hair." Li Chunhong said with a smile that she wants to try anything about beauty.

Li Chunhong has won many awards in modeling competitions.

Photo by Yang Di

  In Li Chunhong's view, true beauty comes from mentality.

"After you retire, you actually open up another 'battlefield' in your life. You have to learn constantly in a brand new society." Li Chunhong said, life is short, but there is still a long way to go. "There is never a concept of 'late' in my heart, and I also hope to pass on this joy to others."

  Today, Li Chunhong has more than 200,000 "fans" on the short video platform. In the future, there are many things waiting for her to understand and try.

"Next step, I want to do a mental health program on a short video platform to help those who are anxious and depressed," said Li Chunhong.