China News Service, Guangzhou, May 15th: Disabled baristas use coffee to write tricks "recipes for life"

  China News Service reporter Wang Jian

  "Now the monthly income of a visually impaired barista can reach about 5,000 yuan, and after becoming the manager of a coffee shop, the monthly salary can be more than 6,000 yuan." Chen Jiantao, general manager and teacher of Coffee Label Coffee, who runs a training course for disabled baristas in Guangzhou15 In an interview with a reporter from, Japan said that as the fragrance of coffee and the warmth of society penetrated into the hearts of disabled people bit by bit, more and more disabled people joined the ranks of the coffee profession.

  It was the 32nd National Day of Helping the Disabled, and there was an endless stream of customers in the store of Coffee Label Coffee in the Guangdong Province Blind Employment and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base.

Boil water, choose coffee beans, grind coffee beans, and ask customers about their taste preferences... The coffee shop's visually impaired barista Feifei (pseudonym) is skilled and busy in front of the coffee machine, and she finished three cups of aroma in a short time. Spilling coffee.

She happily told reporters that today is her first day as a coffee shop manager.

  "I can make 50 cups of coffee a day." Feifei told reporters confidently that after she became a store manager, she not only had to make coffee, but also undertake the management of the store, which made her full of expectations for the challenging new job, I have hope for my future life.

  Like Feifei, the visually impaired barista Xiaoxiao (pseudonym) is the manager of "Hands Cafe".

"I hope our story can cheer other visually impaired friends... I believe they will discover more possibilities in life after knowing our story." Xiaoxiao's words were full of energy.

  Palm Cafe was listed in October 2020. This cafe with the concept of "making with hands and watching with heart" is located in the old city of Guangzhou. It evolved from a public welfare project called "Palm Coffee Project". It currently has There are three full-time visually impaired baristas and three or four part-time baristas. As the store manager, Xiaoxiao is not only responsible for brewing coffee, but also responsible for the promotion of new products and consultation for customers.

Disabled barista making coffee photo by Wang Jian

  "Whenever a customer likes the coffee we make, we will feel very happy." Xiaoxiao said with a smile that the barista's work has made her and her partners gain great growth, and can provide value to others and let her Filled with a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

  Before becoming a barista, Xiaoxiao worked successively as a front desk clerk and a librarian. Although these positions were stable, they were not challenging for her.

Until she knew about the activity tweet of the "Palm Coffee Project", she suddenly became interested and joined the study.

"I think I have more ability and creativity to realize my own value." Xiaoxiao said firmly.

  The profession of barista not only opens a window for the visually impaired, but also helps other disabled people integrate into the society and opens up a "life formula" for them.

  In Guangzhou Oriental Wende Plaza, a cafe that is as special as the "palm" exudes the fragrance of coffee. This is Starbucks' first sign language store in China.

  "We can't hear, but we're happy to share a good cup of coffee with you." Several deaf baristas shared their love and curiosity about coffee at Starbucks Oriental Wende store.

From the ordering stand to the production stand, warm reminders containing sign language elements can be seen in the store; the well-designed barrier-free ordering system, themed murals, exclusive products, weekly sign language classes, sign language community communication boards and other thoughtful designs will listen to Baristas with disabilities are cordially connected with customers.

  Oriental Wende is not only a coffee shop, it is also a "classroom", where baristas with hearing impairment will regularly carry out some simple sign language teaching activities.

This activity is centered on children with autism, visually impaired and dyslexic groups. It integrates educational experiences to allow more children with special needs to experience the fun of creation and inspire more possibilities in the future.

  "By letting go of the limitations of our imagination, we can actually do a lot of wonderful things!" Xiaoxiao recalled the journey along the way, and she is also full of confidence in other disabled friends.

Just as the success of Palm Café is inseparable from the help from the society and local government departments, she and her partners also want to actively pass on this warmth and help other visually impaired people enter a new form of employment.

  The reporter learned that the Guangdong Disabled Persons' Federation has deployed ten activities this year for the "Southern Guangdong Supporting the Disabled and the Disabled Employment Publicity Year", including promulgating a series of policies and regulations to promote the employment of the disabled, and organizing a series of promoting the employment, entrepreneurship and vocational skills of the disabled. Competition activities, hold a series of special employment fairs for the disabled, and cultivate a group of disabled people's employment, entrepreneurship, training demonstration bases and other actions.

  The relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Disabled Persons' Federation said that the Federation will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Yuantong Company on the "Southern Guangdong Supporting the Disabled and Realizing Dream Employment" through the online and offline special recruitment of "Southern Guangdong Supporting the Disabled, Realizing Dream Employment" and other activities. Jointly promote new forms of employment for the disabled, build a number of employment stations for the disabled, and comprehensively promote the employment and entrepreneurship of the disabled.

  Feifei, Xiaoxiao and their partners are eagerly looking forward to a more exciting life tomorrow. They believe that there will be more disabled friends who will unlock more "life formulas" with them.