Before the summit of the four-country framework "Quad", which includes Japan, the United States, Australia, and India, will be held in Japan later this month, stations where a large number of people gather will be the targets of terrorism in Tokyo. The Metropolitan Police Department is increasing vigilance as it may be.

This month, President Biden of the United States will visit Japan to hold a Japan-US summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida, and on the 24th, the leaders of the quad, a framework of four countries including Australia and India in addition to Japan and the United States. A meeting will also be held.

Prior to this, in Tokyo, the Metropolitan Police Department is strengthening its vigilance, saying that so-called "soft targets" such as stations and airports where a large number of people gather may become targets of terrorism.

Of these, at JR Shinagawa Station, on the 11th, 10 people, including police officers from the Metropolitan Police Department and JR employees, walked along the Shinkansen concourse with guard dogs to detect explosives, checking for suspicious objects in the trash cans and coin lockers. I did.

From the 11th, the Metropolitan Police Department will newly assign MTF members to major stations in Tokyo and perform patrols.

Mie Niwayama, Chief of the Takanawa Police Station, said, "We are strengthening vigilance in various parts of Tokyo from today toward the holding of the quad. To prevent illegal acts such as terrorism, please report any suspicious things." I was talking.