The arrest of a "spiritual healer" in Tunisia on charges of committing hundreds of rapes

Judicial sources reported that a Tunisian who presented himself as a "spiritual healer" was arrested last Tuesday after broadcasting a television report in which he admitted deceiving hundreds of women into having sexual relations with him.

The man whose statements were broadcast on Monday evening after they were recorded by a journalist on the private "Al-Hiwar Al-Tunisi" channel - who claimed to be a new client - was convincing his victims that these sexual relations are a cure for the problems they face.

According to Fatima Boukataya, a spokeswoman for the Ariana court in the Tunis suburbs, the man who was arrested on Tuesday was under investigation before the report was broadcast, because of his suspicious activities on social media.

The man introduces himself on his Facebook page as "Bulga Kahuli", and attracts his victims, all of them women, through social networking sites.

In the report, which was broadcast on Monday evening, the man who claims to have "black magic" abilities told the journalist that his methods gave "guaranteed results" and that he had thus "cured" between 800 and 900 women through "sexual sessions".

"Tonight, we will have a sexual relationship together, and you will definitely recover," he told the journalist during an appointment with a hidden camera.

He would specify a certain number of "sessions" for each client to "treat" her diseases.

He recommended that the journalist, who claimed to have problems, spend 14 "sex sessions" with him for a total price of 210 dinars (65 euros).

One of his victims, a 25-year-old student, said during the program that she had been sexually exploited for three years by this "therapist".